Grading / Fill Permit & Inspections

General Information

Grading, excavation, and filling to change the level, slope or contour of the ground surface all qualify under this category. If you have questions, please contact Plan Review at 651-266-9007 or Ken Eggers at 651-266-9073.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 33 of the City of Saint Paul Legislative Code and Appendix Chapter K of the 2002 Supplement to the 2000 International Building Code.

Application Requirements

You must submit an application that includes the following:

  • Application Form (must be done in person)
  • Site Plan
  • Required fee

Upon submission of the above items, you must complete the plan review approvals - Phone: 651-266-9007 or 651-266-9086.

Site Plan Review

Any grading or filling that disturbs a site larger than 10,000 square feet or a slope greater than 12% requires a Site Plan Review.