Construction and Development

When is a building permit required?

Building permits are required for the following projects in  one- or two-family residences, multi-family residences, or buildings for commercial, industrial, or institutional use:

  • Building a new structure
  • Adding an addition to current structure
  • Remodeling or repairing a structure

Where can I find building information and permit applications?

For a detailed list of when a permit is required, and for information and applications, visit the Building Information and Applications page.

What types of permits can I get online?

Online permits may be accessed by professional contractors; for a full list of permits available online, check the Online Permits page.

What projects require a Site Plan Review?

Site Plans are reviewed through Electronic Plan Review; to learn more about the process, visit the Site Plan Review page.


What types of licenses does the City require of businesses?

For a list of City business licenses, visit the Business Licenses and Permits page. Learn more about food establishment licenses on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website.

What do I need to know to open or expand a business?

The City offers a step-by-step guide to opening a business in Saint Paul. For more details and to view the entire process on the Opening a Business page.

Where can I learn if my proposed use is allowed in my zoning district?

To find your zoning district, use the interactive zoning map of Saint Paul.

You may also learn more about the intent of each zoning district by visiting the Planning Your Project page

Report a Concern or Data Requests

To report graffiti, un-shoveled sidewalks, and in the summer, tall grass and weeds (higher than 8 inches) among other concerns, visit our Report A Concern page or use the City’s “Report an Incident” form.

The City Information and Complaint line uses Language Line, which provides on-demand interpreters to support non-English speaking callers. Relying on this service, team members can connect to live interpreters in seconds, providing assistance in more than 200 languages. 

What types of Data Requests are available to the public? 

For data request information visit the Records Unit page. For a direct link to submit a data request, use the Data Practices portal.

Last Edited: February 22, 2024