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7:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday - Friday) Closed Weekends & Holidays The City of Saint Paul licenses and regulates lawful gambling that occurs within the City. Minnesota state law defines lawful gambling as the operation, conduct, or sale of bingo, raffles, and pull-tabs. Lawful gambling can only be conducted by licensed non-profit organizations. Lawful gambling benefits Saint Paul residents and communities through the work done by, and the contributions made by, these non-profit organizations.



The Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) licenses, inspects, and audits lawful gambling sites and organizations doing business in Saint Paul. The Saint Paul Police Department (SPPD) conducts criminal investigation involving lawful gambling. DSI and the SPPD work jointly to ensure the integrity and public confidence in lawful gambling being conducted in Saint Paul.

Last Edited: December 28, 2017