Businesses that charge the public for use of their amusement rides must have an Amusement Ride License. If you have questions, contact DSI at (651) 266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.

Application Requirements

You must submit the following:

         (for Annual License)

  • (for Temporary License)

  • Minnesota Tax Identification Number
  • Proof of electrical permit for temporary applicants
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • $1,500,000 public liability coverage for injuries or damages to persons or property
  • Must have the City of Saint Paul named as an additional insured and a 10-day notice of cancellation
  • Required fee


This license requires approvals from Electrical Inspections (Ph: (651) 266-9003) and Licensing (Ph: (651) 266-8989).


The fee for an Annual Amusement Ride License is $79.00 per location. The fee for a Temporary Amusement Ride License is $30.00 per event.


An Annual Amusement Ride License expires with the insurance expiration date and may be renewed. A Temporary Amusement Ride License is valid only for the date(s) of the specific event.

Last Edited: April 18, 2022