Property Code Enforcement plays a critical role in maintaining our City's neighborhoods and the standards that help to keep Saint Paul such a great place to live and work.

Listed below are some simple rules to help you avoid violating the most commonly reported property maintenance issues: 

Tall Grass and Weeds: Weeds or grass more than eight inches high or that have gone to seed must be cut or mowed. Noxious weeds, as defined by the state Department of Agriculture, must be controlled or destroyed completely. 

Exterior Storage: Materials and equipment must be kept indoors or stored in a garage or shed, and not visible from adjoining properties. Items such as outdoor furniture, grills, outdoor toys, etc. are not covered by this provision.  

Sanitation:  Properties need to be kept free of refuse and waste. All waste material, debris, recycling, yard waste or garbage, loose and scattered litter, feces, discarded furniture, appliances, vehicle parts, scrap wood and metal, household items, building materials or rubble, tires, and brush must be properly stored or removed and properly disposed of, away from the property (includes the yard, boulevard, alley and driveway).

Garbage/Recycling Containers: Except for the day of pick up, waste and recycling containers must not be left on the boulevard or street. If additional bags or bulky items need to be picked up, please call your garbage hauler to arrange for pick up.

Snow/Ice:  All snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks 24 hours after a snow fall. Snow and ice must be removed from the full width of the walkways, and to the clear pavement. Salt and sand as needed. Corner properties are also required to clear the ramp to the street.

Illegal Dumping:  If materials are illegally dumped in the public right-of-way the City’s Public Works Department will remove the items. If materials are left on the property, including the boulevard or alley, the owner must arrange pick up with their garbage hauler, or remove the items and properly dispose of them.

Vehicles and Parking Violations:  All vehicles must be correctly licensed, operable, secure from unauthorized entry, and parked on a paved surface, inside a garage or enclosed shed. Vehicles may not be parked in the yard or block the sidewalk or alley.

Graffiti: All graffiti must be removed from the property. The City has a graffiti removal program that provides free removal by completing a waiver and consent form and submitting it to the City.

Overhanging Vegetation:  Any overgrown vegetation, including trees, obstructing the public right of way, sidewalk, boulevard, and alley areas must be cut and disposed of properly. Public sidewalks must be cleared edge-to-edge and up to seven feet high for pedestrians. Alleys and streets must be cleared from edge-to-edge and up to 14 feet high. Cut and remove overgrown, uncontrolled vegetation, shrubs, trees, vines throughout the yard that may harbor rodents.

Boulevard Plantings: All boulevard plantings must meet the following:

  1. Plantings must be maintained so that there is no overhang or encroaching onto the sidewalk, curb, or street.
  2. Plantings may not exceed 36 inches.
  3. Plantings within 30 feet of any intersection may not exceed 18 inches.
  4. Plantings within five feet of any alley or driveway may not be higher than 18 inches.
  5. Plantings within 10 feet of street sections that do not have parking lanes may not exceed 18 inches.
  6. Plantings within 10 feet of street sections where rush hour or 24-hour “no parking” restrictions apply may not exceed 18 inches.

Saint Paul City Code:

Last Edited: August 10, 2021