The City holds a wide range of data available online that can help you make decisions about buying or renting a property, or track down property taxes or assessments owed on specific property addresses.

Saint Paul Online Services allows you to easily:

  •  Learn what zoning district a property is in; 
  •  read Code compliance reports filed on a property in the last 365 days;
  •  find out if a building has a certificate of occupancy; or
  •  if it’s a vacant building, find out its status and what that means. 
  •  Also, find a Truth-in-Sale of Housing report by clicking here Truth-in-Sale-of Housing (TISH) report, which provides information to prospective home buyers, informing them of observed conditions of a dwelling at the time of evaluation by an evaluator.

A property search is as easy as typing in the house number and street name using our property search tool.

Open Information Saint Paul is the City’s data portal. Here you can learn more about the City’s budget, find reports about crime incidents, create maps based on data, and more. 

To learn how to best utilize the City’s open data portal and find what you need, a series of short videos offer step-by-step instructions on how to sort, search, filter data and more.

To find the property tax and value on a specific property in the City of Saint Paul or surrounding suburbs, go to Ramsey County’s Property Tax and Value Lookup. You’ll need the property address or parcel number (PIN) to search successfully. 

To find out about any assessments attached to your property, or a property you plan to purchase, use the City of Saint Paul’s Assessment Lookup tool. You may search by property address or by Property ID number. Find the Assessment Lookup portal here.

Last Edited: May 11, 2023