Norton Street Water Main Replacement

Norton Street main replacement map

SPRWS will be hiring a contractor to replace the water main below Norton Street during the summer of 2019.  The existing water main was installed in 1925.  Replacing this water main will help SPRWS continue to provide consistent, reliable service to residents of Norton Street and the surrounding area.

Project Scope:

  • Replace approximately 1,300 feet of 6" water main with new, 8" main
  • Replace valves and hydrants
  • Restore street pavement, curb, and sidewalk as needed

Project Updates

Monday, May 20, 2019

Project Schedule

  • SPRWS crews have installed temporary water mains to provide residents with water throughout the project.
  • Residents will be notified in advance if any temporary water shutoffs will be necessary.  These notifications are typically provided via door hangers placed on the front door of each residence.
  • SPRWS crews will be working with the contractor to tie in temporary water mains beginning on 5/20/2019
  • Traffic and parking restrictions should be in full effect beginning the week of 5/20/2019
  • Once temporary water mains are connected, replacement of the existing water main will begin.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Contractor Selected

  • Danner Inc. has been selected as the Contractor for this water main replacement project.

Project Schedule

  • SPRWS crews expect to begin laying out temporary water mains within the next week.  Impact on residents during this process should be minimal
  • The Contractor is in the process of creating a traffic control plan for project activities.  Details of the traffic control plan will be shared when they are available.
  • SPRWS staff expects that Xcel gas may follow our project by replacing some gas mains along Norton Street.  Following the completion of all SPRWS work and Xcel work, the roadway will be fully milled and overlaid, providing a fresh, smooth paved surface for the full width of Norton Street.
  • Further details regarding scheduling will be shared as SPRWS continues discussion and planning with the Contractor