About Central Village Park

Central Village Park is as aptly of a named park as anyone will find — uninterrupted trails extend from the park into the surrounding neighborhood, covering an area roughly equivalent to four square blocks. Those south of I-94 will find easy access to the centrally located park via a footbridge connected to the park's friendly trails. Open green space, playground equipment, and two enclosed tennis courts provide visitors with plenty of ways to stay active or relax.


BBQ Grill, Benches, Horseshoe Ring, Picnic Area, Playground, and Tennis Court

Central Village Park Long-Range Plan

The City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department is partnering with Trust for Public Land, Springboard for the Arts, Summit-University Planning Council, and community members to develop a long-range plan for Central Village Park. The new long-range plan will serve as a guide for future improvements in and around the park. Visit the Central Village Park Projects webpage for more information. 

Central Village Park Projects