Missed Collection

If your recycling was not picked up by 8pm on your collection day, check the list below for proper placement information. If you followed these guidelines and collection was still missed, call Eureka Recycling: 651-222-7678. 

Click the link to find out your recycling and garbage collection days.


Instructions for Using Your Recycling Cart




  • Set out your recycling cart by 6:00 a.m. along the edge of the alley or curb with arrows on the top lid facing out. 
  • Make sure snow is cleared away from the recycling cart. Do not place in or on a snow bank, or in standing water (to prevent your cart from freezing to the ground in the winter). 
  • Do not place the cart on or behind any retaining wall, inside a fence, or behind a car.
  • Place your recycling cart at least two feet away from objects such as garages, trash cart, trees, fences, etc.
  • All material must fit loosely inside your cart with the lid closed. Do not place extra cardboard next to your cart.
  • Remember to remove your cart from the curb after collection. 

Cart Sizes

All households received a 64-gallon cart at the start of the program. If you would like to try a smaller (32-gallon) or larger (95-gallon) cart you may request a switch by calling Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678. One switch will be allowed at no charge. 

pw_recycling_cart dimensions 3 sizes

See this chart for a full spectrum of cart sizes and their dimensions.

Last Edited: August 24, 2021