St. Paul Avenue between Edgcumbe Road and West 7th Street will be resurfaced through a process called “mill and overlay” to create a smoother roadway surface for people driving and riding bikes. Crews grind off the top layer of roadway, then replace it with a new layer of bituminous pavement. 

After new pavement is replaced, the road will be restriped with on-street bike lanes in place of a vehicle travel lane in either direction. These are consistent with the adopted 2015 Saint Paul Bicycle Plan. The bike lanes will improve safety and comfort for people riding bikes.

Pedestrian crossing improvements will also be installed at Davern Street, West 7th Street, and midblock between Davern Street and Edgcumbe Road. There will be a limited amount of on-street parking removed at these pedestrian improvement locations.

The City is also working in partnership with Ramsey County on their project on this street.

St. Paul Avenue between Edgcumbe Road and West 7th Street

September 2021


    Project Updates

    COMPLETED PROJECT - October 11, 2021