Project Overview

Victoria Park is one block south of West 7th Street bordered by Montreal Way to the west, Otto Avenue to the east, Mississippi River to the south and Mississippi Market Co-Op and Sholom Community Alliance to the north. The 40.4 acre site is divided by the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul railroad.

Project Background

The City of Saint Paul obtained the Victoria Park property with the condition that the property would be developed as a park after environmental cleanup was completed.
Environmental cleanup was accelerated by the City of Saint Paul receiving free fill from the Central Corridor (Green Line Light Rail) project. Over 115,000 CY of fill was placed summer and fall of 2011 providing the required environmental cap to bring the land up to recreational use standards.  Remaining areas of the site were capped in 2012. A master plan was approved in December 2013 and can be viewed here: Master Plan for Victoria Park.

Last Edited: December 15, 2021