Ice Rinks

 ​About Saint Paul Skating & Hockey Rinks

Saint Paul has fourteen general skating rinks, as well as the WinterSkate refrigerated general rink at Landmark Plaza and three additional refrigerated hockey rinks located at Phalen Recreation Center, North Dale Recreation Center, and Palace Recreation Center. McMurray Field has four rinks used exclusively for broomball and Groveland Recreation Center has a large oval rink. All hockey rinks have boards and nets. Non-refrigerated rinks are typically ready by the end of December and stay open through February, weather permitting. Refrigerated rinks may be open earlier in the season and stay open longer in the year. 

  • Cold Weather Policy: Rinks will close if temperatures reach -25F.
  • Warm Weather Policy: In order to prevent extended closures due to damaged ice, rinks will close if meltwater is visible on the surface.

PLEASE NOTE: Using rinks before they are ready is unsafe, can cause damage, and further delays opening.  

UPDATE 12/14/18: For your safety and to ensure we can fully open the rinks as soon as possible, please do no skate on closed ice rinks. Due to predicted warm temperatures, all non-refrigerated rinks are closed until further notice in order to preserve the ice that has been established up to this point. Refrigerated rinks will continue to be monitored and maintained and will remain open as conditions allow. Our staff and dedicated volunteers are working hard to provide safe, skateable rinks as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Rink Hours

Warming house hours may vary during holidays or other select dates. Rink hours, conditions, and open/closed status subject to change without notice. Please contact the recreation center to confirm details. For updates on the McMurray broomball rinks, call the weather hotline at 651-558-2118. Click here for an alternate view of ice rink information.

Rink Locations


Skating Lessons

Learn to skate at a Saint Paul ice rink near you!

Great rinks require great volunteers

Experience shows the best rinks are those that benefit from the assistance of community volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help with rink flooding and other duties. Night availability is especially desired. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Tells us more by completing the volunteer form.

Please, shovel snow off the ice and over the boards

Our maintenance crew and dedicated volunteers work hard to keep the rinks clean, but Minnesota snow can pile up fast. Even if you feel you can't commit to volunteering, you can still help by shoveling snow when you visit the rinks. Please be sure to shovel snow off the ice and over the boards. When snow gets shoveled against the boards and around the edge of the rink, it often freezes and can quickly reduce the skateable surface area of the rink. Thank you for doing your part to make Saint Paul rinks great.