Soccer & Futsal

SoccerAbout Youth Soccer & Futsal

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation offers outdoor soccer in the fall and indoor soccer (futsal) in the spring.

  • For information on league soccer/futsal for ages 9-14, contact Municipal Athletics at 651-558-2255 or
  • For information on instructional soccer/futsal for ages 3-8, contact your local recreation center.

Spring 2017 Futsal

Spring youth sports registration opens January 1, 2017. Registration can be done online or by calling or visiting your local recreation center.

2017 Futsal Bulletin

Save 10%-25% when you register January 1-5! 

January 1 = 25% off
January 2 = 20% off
January 3 - 5 = 10% off


4U Futsal  6U Futsal  8U Futsal  10U Futsal 12U Futsal 14U Futsal


10U Futsal 12U Futsal 14U Futsal


10U Fustal 12U Futsal 14U Futsal

Game Schedules

Schedules for ages 9 and up are available on online. For 8U schedules please contact your local recreation center.

Practice Times 

Practices are usually held once or twice a week immediately after school or later in the evening. Practice times are determined by the coach's availability.