Dickerman Park


The City of Saint Paul has secured funds to plan for the future of Dickerman Park. The result of this phase of planning will be a conceptual design for the park that will be used for estimating costs and applying for funds to construct a linear park along University Avenue. To help guide the design process, please complete this brief survey. Your responses will help Park's design staff understand how the improvements can be designed to best serve the community.

Project Manager Update

Planning for the development of the park will involve the Design Advisory Committee – a group of individuals who represent stakeholders in the neighborhood including business owners, non-profit groups, district council representatives and residents. This group will meet three times over the next few months including the final meeting which will be a public open house. The project manager will assemble a conceptual plan based on the input from the meetings and use that plan to develop a cost estimate, prioritize the phasing of the project and solicit various sources of funding in order to construct the park.


Design Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please note that space may be limited and we ask that those who attend observe quietly. There may be additional time to hear from the audience, but the Design Advisory Committee members are responsible for providing the perspective from their contingency. A list of the Design Advisory Committee Members is available under Resources and we encourage dialog with those individuals. The open house at the end of the process will be another opportunity to gage the relevance of the conceptual design direction provided to that point.

Design Advisory Committee Meeting #1

INITIAL WORKSHOP: Thursday, September 25, 2014 6-8pm, at the Habitat for Humanity’s new building on Prior and University. 1954 University Ave. W St. Paul, MN 55104 The Committee will evaluate relevance of the outcome of the 2005 study of the park and provide input on needs and preferences based on an overall vision for the park.

Design Advisory Committee Meeting #2

Design Advisory Committee Meeting #2 – DEVELOPING A VISION: Thursday, October 23, 2014 6-8pm, Location TBA. The Committee will discuss and provide input on a preferred direction including overall layout, design elements and style.

Design Advisory Committee Meeting #3

Design Advisory Committee Meeting #3 – REFINED CONCEPT: Thursday, January 12, 2014 6-8pm. The Committee will discussed and provided input on a preferred direction including overall layout, design elements and style.

Public Open House – Dickerman Park Conceptual Design

On Tuesday, February 17, 2014, the City of Saint Paul held an Open House to present the conceptual design for Dickerman Park. Over 30 people attended to listen to a short presentation and to view the graphics developed through the process of the last 6 months as advised by the Design Advisory Committee.

The City is seeking funding to construct the park which is on the north side of University Avenue between Fairview and Aldine. The advent of the Green Line, the associated redevelopment in the Fairview Station area, and the lack of visible public green space along the corridor make Dickerman Park an incredible opportunity to create an authentic landmark gathering space reflective of the surrounding community.

Project Resources