Midway Peace Park

Aerial View of Midway Peace Park

Updated park design images - Park Design Views and PlansStormwater and Park Presentation to CWRD


A new neighborhood park is coming to an undeveloped area in the Midway, at 416 Griggs Street between University Avenue and St. Anthony Avenue. This area is diverse, but recognized as lacking parks and green space. Midway Peace Park (formerly referred to as the Park at Griggs) is part of the City of Saint Paul’s long-term vision to create vibrant outdoor gathering spaces that strengthen community connections along the Green Line. The park will serve both as a destination along the Green Line, which has few parks along its route, and as an important local park for the neighborhood, Gordon Parks High School, High School for the Recording Arts, and residents of the adjacent Skyline Tower.

The Trust for Public Land acquired three parcels of land from separate landowners and conveyed them to the City of Saint Paul in early 2016. Funding came from private funds raised by the Trust for Public land and the city’s 8-80 Vitality Fund.

In 2016 to 2018, The Trust for Public Land engaged the community through "park listening" and raised funds to develop the park. To guide the creation of the park, a creative community engagement approach has been utilized -- a cooperative, community-based process that focuses on identifying the cultural and neighborhood values and desired park features to inform the design of the park.



Project Updates

Current Status

The construction contract for Midway Peace Park is in progress. We will update this page when more specifics are available for a construction start date. The project has preliminary Site Plan Review approval and we anticipate completing that process by end of July.  

Design Advisory Committee Meetings

Meetings were held near the future park, and were open to the public. Committee members were invited in the spring of 2019 and serve as representatives from nearby apartment buildings, businesses, and neighborhood councils. Our committee met on the following dates:

Project Leadership & Key Partners

The City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department and Trust for Public Land are sharing leadership of this project, however the City is responsible for construction.  Other partners include Union Park District Council, Gordon Parks High School, Lexington-Hamline Community Council, CommonBond Communities, and many others.

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Past Milestones

  • 2014 – Park area included in Greening the Green Line Guidebook
  • 2015-2017 – Community engagement and park listening
  • December 2015 – First two parcels of land acquired by The Trust for Public Land
  • February 2016 – Final parcel of land acquired by The Trust for Public Land with private funds and all three parcels donated to the City of Saint Paul
  • Complete fundraising – fall 2018
  • Determine name for the park with community input – October 2017 – January 2018
  • Midway Peace Park name adopted by City Council - March 21, 2018
  • Design Advisory Committee held three meetings to determine park program, components, and design layout - March - June 2018
  • Open House to show refined park concept – September 29, 2018 (see above for details)

Project Timeline

  • Bidding was completed in June 2019 and we anticipate selecting a contractor in July 2019
  • Park construction – late summer 2019