YJ01 Provider FAQs

Benefit to the Organization

Why do organizations request Right Track workers?

Organizations request Right Track workers for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common are because they like to empower youth with new skills and work experience, they appreciate the extra help/support at their organization for no cost, and they want to create a workforce that is reflective of the changing demographics of Saint Paul.

What kind of support do you offer to supervisors/organizations?

We offer several trainings throughout the summer for supervisors; some are specific to Right Track, other are specific to your professional development as a supervisor working with youth. We also have Program Liaisons and a Project Manager who can visit your site, provide you with additional resources, and can help mediate when–and if–issues arise.


When do I have to submit the application to be a provider? 

The Provider Application for summer 2018 has closed.

My organization currently has school year Right Track workers, and has always been a summer worksite provider. Do I still have to submit a provider application?


There are multiple worksites within my organization. Do we each submit an application?

No. There should be one application for each organization, even if there are multiple worksites.

When do we find out if we were awarded Right Track positions?

The Provider Application for summer 2018 has closed.

Can I save my application and return to it?

Unfortunately, no. All answers will be lost if you leave the application page before submitting.

What if I miss the deadline?

The application shouldn't’t take longer than 30 minutes to complete. It will be available online for 46 days. The Provider Application for summer 2018 has closed.


Do I have to be a youth serving agency in order to host a Right Track worker?

No. We partner with organizations whose mission and vision vary widely from each other. That said, we do want to make sure your worksite and staff are welcoming and inclusive to youth, and will inform you of professional development opportunities as they arise.

Do I have to be a non-profit organization?

No. But if you are a for-profit organization, you may align better with our YJ02 internship program. To learn more about YJ02, please check out our YJ02 page .

Important Dates

If we are selected as a provider, what dates would we want to keep in mind?

February 13, 2018 – Mandatory Supervisor Meeting (info on our hiring process, career exploration day, etc. 10am - noon at El Rio Vista
Mid March - April 1 2018 – Job Descriptions updated on employer portal
April 12, 2018 Career Exploration Day (CED) - only youth who attend training are invited. 2:30pm - 6:00pm at Oxford Community Center 
April 13 - 24, 2018 Supervisors interview youth who weren't matched at Career Exploration Day, or who didn't attend the youth training but still applied and are eligible for YJ01 Right Track jobs.
April 25, 2018 Match Day (for youth not matched at the Career Exploration Day and youth who didn't attend a youth training). 2:30pm - 6:00pm at MLK Recreation Center. Any youth not matched here will not have a Right Track job for the summer.

The Hiring Process

How do we get workers?

You will recommend applicants for hire based on who applies for your worksite through the online job bank, and who you interview/have interest in. Right Track staff will notify you the week of May 1 as to who has been assigned to your worksite.

Why can’t we just pick our own workers?

In a way, you do. You submit ‘recommendations for hire’ for each position you have available. When youth are ‘recommended for hire’ by more than one provider, we defer to the ranking order in which the youth selected their jobs. This is usually the reason why a provider might not get all the youth they recommended.

I still have questions!

Please email Righttrack@ci.stpaul.mn.us or call our mainline at 651.266.6363.