Community Partnerships Unit


The Community Partnerships Unit is part of the Community Engagement Division of the Saint Paul Police Department and consists of the following functions: A Community Outreach Program (A.C.O.P.), the Community Liaison Officer Program,   Volunteers, and U Visas.

The Community Partnerships Unit is led by Commander Pam Barragan and is based in our facility at 1820 Edgcumbe Road, Saint Paul, MN 55116.  She can be reached at 651-266-5849 or by email.

Contact Information


City Wide Services, 1820 Edgcumbe Road

  • A.C.O.P. 651-558-2305
  • Crime Prevention
  • U Visas
  • Volunteers

Community Engagement Specialists

A Community Outreach Program (A.C.O.P.)



A Community Outreach Program (A.C.O.P.) is essentially a community-based police outreach program with concentrated efforts in the four (4) Saint Paul public housing communities of Dunedin, McDonough, Mount Airy and Roosevelt. A.C.O.P. is a cooperative program, jointly sponsored by the Saint Paul Police Department and the Saint Paul Public Housing Agency.

The A.C.O.P. policing team helps families with law enforcement matters, crisis intervention and family counseling.

A.C.O.P. officers are based at the McDonough Community Center, 1544 Timberlake Road, Saint Paul, MN 55107.

Contact Sergeant Amy Boyer for more information: 651-558-2305 (Email).


Crime Prevention

Visit our page for information and helpful tips.

U-Visa Applications

The Saint Paul Police Department accepts U-Visa applications from law firms representing individuals who may qualify for a U-Visa as crime victims under federal guidelines. Please visit the U-Visa page for more information. Contact Community Partnerships Unit for more information.