Forensic Services Unit


The Saint Paul Police Department’s Forensic Services Unit signifies the department’s commitment to embracing the world of science and the role it plays in serving the community while solving crimes.

In 2013, the revamped Forensic Services Unit (formerly known as the Crime Lab) focused its capabilities on:

  • Evidence collection
  • Scene photography and documentation
  • Presumptive blood testing
  • Species specific blood testing
  • DNA and trace evidence collection
  • Field latent print processing
  • Crime scene measurement documentation

The Forensic Services Unit is currently pursuing national accreditation. The months-long process demonstrates the Saint Paul Police Department’s belief that Saint Paul’s residents, visitors and community members should the high level of service that will come from merging the worlds of law enforcement and science.



Integrated Forensic Laboratories report Schwarz Forensic Enterprises report #1 Schwarz Forensic Enterprises report #2    

SPPD Forensic Services Unit Staff

Rosanna Caswell, Certified Latent Print Examiner, Forensic Lab Manager Eleven years as a Criminalist with Arizona Department of Public Safety with experience in Controlled Substance Examination, Latent Print Examination, Quality Assurance Assessments and Crime Scenes. Three years of experience with Ideal Innovations (Department of Defense contract) as a Certified Latent Print Examiner and Quality Assurance.

Sgt. Kurt Hallstrom Latent Fingerprint and Crime Scene Processing.Fourteen-year veteran of the Saint Paul Police Department, seventeen total years law enforcement experience. Assignments have included time in the Support Services Division, patrol divisions and work with the Juvenile Unit. Sgt. Greg GravesenOver 23 years of law enforcement experience and a 13 yearveteran of the Saint Paul Police Department. Areas of specialty include Crash and Crime Scene Reconstruction, forensic mapping and diagramming, and computer animation / graphics. Officer Jamie Sipes Latent fingerprinting and crime scene processing, Crash and Crime Scene Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Certified Crime Scene Analyst (International Association for Identification). Nineteen years law enforcement experience. Over 13 years with St. Paul. Assignments include: patrol, traffic, motors and street crimes unit (GRID). Served as an FTO for 5 years and currently as a Crisis Negotiator. Officer Alta Schaffer Thirteen years as a Police Officer, five year veteran of the Saint Paul Police Department. Worked in Patrol in West District and as a Mounted Patrol Officer. Currently processing major crime scenes and processing evidence within the forensic services lab as an Officer/Forensic Services Technician. Officer Ron Himes Latent fingerprinting and crime scene processing, scene management, Crash Scene Response, Over 8 years of law enforcement experience, over 5 years with St. Paul. Current member of Mobile Field Force. Previous assignments include: patrol, traffic unit. Officer Doug WilsonEight years of law enforcement experience with Saint Paul Police Department working in patrol with the majority of time being in East District. My street experience includes crime scene processing, photo documentation, being a Crash Response Officer and a FTO. He is an ASE Automotive Master Technician and assists traffic investigations with post-crash mechanical inspections on high level cases.