Project Updates

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mill and Overlay

The mill (removing the current pavement) started on October 7 and paving (installing new asphalt) started on October 8. The anticipated order of the work is shown on the project map and provided in the tentative schedule below.

Please share the following information with your tenants, businesses, customers/clients, and visitors:

  • The mill and overlay may have one or more project areas on streets where active work is occurring.
  • For safety, quality, and efficiency reasons, there will be lane restrictions and full road closures during the operations. Closure timing and locations will vary, but we plan to keep streets closed no more than one day at a time. 
  • Crews will try to maintain intermittent access to parking lots, driveways, alleys, and ramps. However, please communicate with your tenants, customers, and visitors that there WILL BE temporary access restrictions when operations are occurring on your street. We cannot alter or suspend operations, routes, or timing to accommodate access requests.
  • Estimated wait times for access could range from 15 to 60 minutes during the milling process and 45 to 90 minutes for the repaving and striping process. To protect the new roadway, traffic may require redirection to allow for temporary routes when entering or exiting a property. 
  • “No Parking” signs or hooded parking meters will be installed at least 24-hours prior to project start. Cars that are not moved or are illegally parked will be ticketed and towed.
  • Most work will occur during business hours. However, there may be work done on weekends if necessary to keep with the project’s schedule.

Tentative Milling and Paving Schedule (See Mill and Overlay Project Map)
Due to weather, the remaining sections to be milled and paved have been changed to "To be determined." This page will be updated with new dates for these sections as soon as the schedule is available.

  • 2nd Street – Kellogg Blvd to Jackson St – COMPLETED
  • Cedar Street – Kellogg Blvd to 5th St – COMPLETED
  • 9th Street – W. of Minnesota St to Temperance St – COMPLETED
  • 11th Street – Cedar St to Jackson St – COMPLETED
  • Exchange Street/9th Street – Main St to Cedar St – COMPLETED
  • 10th Street – Main St (Dorothy Day Pl) to Jackson St
    • Milling – See below for dates for each section
      • St. Peter to Jackson – Completed
      • Main to St. Peter – To be determined
    • Paving - See below for date for each section
      • St. Peter to Jackson – Completed 
      • Main to St. Peter – To be determined
  • St. Joseph’s Lane – 7th St to Exchange St
    • Milling – To be determined
    • Paving – To be determined
  • Main Street (Dorothy Day Place) – Old 6th St to 10th St (subject to Xcel project completion)
    • Milling – To be determined
    • Paving – To be determined
  • 7th Place – Minnesota St to Jackson St
    • Milling – To be determined
    • Paving – To be determined
  • Wacouta Street – Kellogg Blvd to 4th St (subject to completion of building construction)
    • Milling – To be determined
    • Paving – To be determined

Sidewalk Work

Sidewalk replacement work is scheduled to be completed by October 9. Sidewalk work is ongoing at Wacouta Street and Kellogg Boulevard and at 2nd Street and Kellogg Boulevard.

Capital City Bikeway

As part of the mill and overlay, the next section of the Capital City Bikeway will be implemented on 10th Street from Dorothy Day Place to Jackson Street and on 9th Street from Jackson Street to Broadway Street.

The bikeway will be two-way on the south side of 10th Street from Dorothy Day Place to Jackson Street and one-way on both sides of 9th Street from Jackson Street to Broadway Street. Project updates and a detailed map of the bikeway is at

The bikeway on 9th Street and 10th Street includes the following changes to the roads:

  • 10th Street between Cedar Street and Jackson Street will become a one-way road with westbound traffic only and the new bikeway.
  • Traffic signs will be changed and added with the new bikeway and also with the modification of 10th Street to a one-way between Cedar Street and Jackson Street.
  • Existing on-street parking (and meters) will be removed on both sides of 10th Street from St. Peter Street to Cedar Street, the south side of 10th Street from Cedar Street to Jackson Street and the south side of 9th Street. Parking will remain on the north side of 10th Street between Cedar Street and Jackson Street.
  • Concrete median buffers will be constructed along portions of 10th Street to separate the bikeway from the roadway. Access to driveways will be maintained.
  • New striping will indicate the added bikeway and roadway changes.

Timeline for implementation of the bikeway on 9th Street and 10th Street:

  • Bikeway on 9th Street from Temperance Street to Broadway Street will be completed by October 2.
  • Parking removals on 10th Street will be done with the mill and overlay.
  • Striping on 10th Street and 9th Street from Jackson Street to Temperance Street will be completed with the mill and overlay.
  • The concrete median will be constructed by the end of November after all other work is completed.

Downtown Saint Paul plays an important role in our city’s economic vitality. With all it has to offer, downtown Saint Paul is recognized as a great place to live, work, and visit for fun and entertainment. We are investing in our downtown. In the coming months, the City of Saint Paul will launch the second year of a three-year paving program to improve the condition of our downtown streets and sidewalks. 

In 2018, Saint Paul Public Works conducted an assessment of the condition of all sidewalks in downtown Saint Paul and identified locations where sidewalk areas/panels are in need of removal and replacement. Saint Paul Public Works will be working with property owners who have sidewalk panels that need to be replaced as a part of this project. 

Saint Paul Public Works is working closely with property owners, business leaders, and residents through Saint Paul BOMA (Building Owners and Management Association), CapitolRiver Council, and the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. We are also coordinating construction efforts with Saint Paul's Sewer Utility Division, Saint Paul Regional Water Services, and a variety of outside companies and agencies including Xcel Energy, District Energy, and telecommunication companies, to complete any additional work including relocation of utility facilities prior to finishing all concrete and paving efforts. 

As part of the project the city will:

  • Perform a mill and overlay of downtown streets (removing the current pavement and installing new asphalt);
  • Replace sidewalks and curbs that are broken or in disrepair;
  • Construct ADA-compliant curb ramps at intersections to improve pedestrian safety;
  • Make additional pedestrian safety improvements at identified intersections; and
  • Replace trees as space allows.

On Monday, March 2, 2020 Saint Paul Public Works held two community meetings, where they answered questions and provided a broad overview of the project, including the scope of the work, approximate timelines, and a block-by-block map outlining the work to be done on sidewalks. All maps and materials from these meetings are provided on this webpage.

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Capital City Bikeway - Interim Design Study

For more information about the Capital City Bikeway (CCB) Interim Design Study and the upcoming project work on 9th and 10th Streets, as well as the proposed CCB on either St. Peter Street or Wabasha Street, please visit