Vehicles involved in construction in your neighborhood may not scatter or deposit rubbish, stones, wire, sand, gravel, etc., on public streets, alleys, or sidewalks. Their tires may not transport litter either.

Reporting Dumping of Construction Materials

If you observe dumping of construction materials in your neighborhood, if possible, get the name of the contractor and the location of the construction and the dumped materials. Report this information to DSI at 651-266-9090 or the DSI - Complaint Office at 651-266-8989.

Reporting Dumping on Your Property

If garbage has been dumped on your property and you do not know who dumped it, you are responsible for cleaning it up. If you know who is dumping garbage on your property, call the Police at 651-291-1111 or the DSI - Complaint Office at 651-266-8989 to report them.If garbage has been dumped in an alley or on the street, call the DSI - Complaint Office at 651-266-8989 to report it.

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