Reporting Hazardous Waste

If you see a hazardous waste spill that is an immediate threat to life or property, call 9-1-1 for a Fire Department response. If the spill is not an emergency, call the Fire Marshal at 651-228-6230. You can also call the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) at 651-649-5451 to report an emergency or non-emergency spill. Responses to hazardous waste spills are likely to be prompt, especially for emergencies. Other hazardous waste cleanups such as the dumping of anti-freeze or used motor oil may require a longer period of time.

Agencies that Deal with Hazardous Waste

The MPCA, the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal agencies have jurisdiction and extensive knowledge for hazardous waste cleanup or hazardous waste transportation. For a given hazardous waste site, call the MPCA to find out what is being done, what can be done, and who is doing it. In some cases the City can also clean up old dumps or other long-standing hazardous wastes using the same type of procedure as for demolishing a vacant building. (see Vacant Buildings, Summary and Substantial Abatement).

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Last Edited: May 18, 2021