For Tenants: Landlord Not Making Requested Repairs

If you’re a tenant and your landlord is not making repairs, call us at 651-266-8989 and ask for an inspection. You can also call Community Stabilization at 651-225-8778. State law prohibits your landlord from retaliating against you for calling us (no evictions or rent increases). Free legal advice for repair problems may be obtained by calling Housing Alliance Law Office at 651-222-4731. In some cases, courts have ordered landlords to pay hotel bills while repairs are being made. Your landlord is required to provide decent, safe housing, and we can enforce this.

For Landlords: Registering Your Property

If you’re a landlord of a single-family rental or duplex and don’t live on the premises, you are required to register the property. If you own single and/or duplex units, or you own more than one rental building, fill out the invoice for provisional fire certificate of occupancy. Call us at 651-266-8989 to get a registration form. If you are a landlord having trouble with a tenant, contact the Saint Paul Association of Responsible Landlords at 651-647-6810.

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Last Edited: September 22, 2020