The City’s Information and Complaint line handles more than 80,000 customer calls and thousands of emails each year, replying to any question or concern related to the City of Saint Paul. Personal information from customers is kept confidential and never shared with the public.

Getting to know your neighbors is the best and most direct way to address concerns and avoid disputes with your neighbors. If you are able, offer yourself as a resource to help those in your neighborhood learn more about community standards.

Seniors and individuals with impaired mobility may not be able to comply with city regulations. Some individuals (those whose first language is not English, for instance) may not understand local property code standards.

When talking with your neighbor is not an option here’s what you need to know about the process. 

Typical Flow of Complaints: City Information and Complaint Line

Flow of complaints chart

Two common complaint types follow a more automated process; sidewalk snow and ice clearing, and tall grass and vegetation. 

If your complaint is about:

  • Shoveling sidewalks around homes or businesses, which have not been cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall, or 
  • Grass or vegetation that has grown higher than eight inches
Flow of complaints chart

If the City has to hire a contractor to resolve a violation (or abate a nuisance), a Summary Abatement order is issued. Learn more about Summary Abatements and how the property owner is charged for this work here.

Any order may be appealed; for information about the process, review the City Clerk’s web page on appeals here.

Customers can learn the status of a complaint online through the City's Open Data Portal. Look for "Resident Service Requests" under City Infrastructure to learn whether the issue has been resolved or remains open. The list of requests is updated weekly. You may also find complaint information using the Property Search function, found under "Look Up Property/Permit Information." 

Last Edited: May 11, 2023