Water Quality

Water Quality Report An annual report of all the substances detected in our water in the previous year.

Monthly Water Analysis Information on the physical and chemical components of our water.


Water leaks and conservation


Bill paying methods and assistance

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General Information


Other Resources

  • Moving Postcard. Information for when you sell or move from a home.
  • How to Read Your Water Meter. A guide to reading your digital water meter. Please read all nine digits. You will need a flashlight to read this  meter.
  • Alternative Meter Application. Application to acquire an alternative water meter reading system for your property.
  • Preventing Frozen Pipes. Tips on preventing your water meter and water pipes from freezing in the winter months.
  • Beyond the Faucet. Booklet on the history of the water utility, including water sources, treatment methods, and delivery of safe, reliable, quality water at a reasonable cost to more than 424,000 customers in Saint Paul and the surrounding communities. 20 pages. PDF.

Annual and Financial Reports

Annual Reports

Annual reports are in PDF format and range from 16 to 20 pages. They will take several minutes to download.

Financial Reports

Financial reports are in PDF format and can be up to 73 pages. They will take several minutes to download.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2018