Maps of each residential permit parking area. Click on area number to view the map.

Permit Parking Area Map Description of Area
1 Map Selby Ave and Snelling Ave
2 Map University of Minnesota Saint Paul Campus
3 Map Mitchell Hamline School of Law
6 Map Kellogg Blvd and Summit Ave
7 Map Smith Ave and West 7th St
8 Map Carroll Ave and Asbury Ave
9 Map Grand Ave and Victoria St
10 Map Curfew St
12 Map St Catherine University
13 Map Irvine Park
14 Map Sherburne Ave and Hamline Ave
15 Map St Thomas - Northwest corner
16 & 17 Map St Thomas - Selby Ave and Cleveland Ave
18 Map St Thomas - Cleveland Ave and Laurel Ave
19 Map St Thomas - Prior Ave and Portland Ave
20 Map St Thomas - Cleveland Ave and Summit Ave
21 Map St Thomas - Cleveland Ave and Lincoln Ave
22 Map St Thomas - Finn St and Goodrich Ave
23 Map St Thomas - Mount Curve Blvd and Fairmount Ave
24 Map St Thomas - Summit Ave and Cretin Ave
25 Map Cretin-Derham Hall
26 Map Shields Ave and Fry St
27 Map Ford Pkwy and Cleveland Ave
28 Map Saint Paul College
29 Map Como Park
30 Map Upper Landing

Last Edited: December 22, 2022