Edgcumbe Road will be reconstructed to replace the roadway pavement, sidewalks, curbs, and underground utilities including water and sewer. This project will include:

  • ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps
  • Bituminous pavement
  • Boulevard trees
  • Concrete curb and gutter
  • Concrete outwalks and driveway aprons
  • Lantern-style street lighting
  • Private utility upgrades
  • Public art
  • Sewer and water main replacement or repair
  • Sidewalks
  • Sodded boulevards
  • Storm sewer catch basins

Edgcumbe from St. Paul Avenue to Hampshire Avenue

May 2023 to November 2023

Edgcumbe Road Reconstruction Project – Happening in 2023

Due to unforeseen supply chain issues with construction materials, the Edgcumbe Road Reconstruction project scheduled for 2022 has been rescheduled for 2023. Public Works reviewed the schedule of work and potential construction impacts and made the decision to postpone the project to complete construction within one construction season.

In addition, the project’s delay minimized traffic disruptions within in the area during 2022, due to an active Ramsey County resurfacing and lane reduction project on St. Paul Avenue from Cleveland Avenue to Edgcumbe Road.


    Video Presentation

    Please watch the Edgcumbe Road Reconstruction presentation video to learn more about the project. You can also view the PowerPoint slides used in the video. More information on assessments coming soon.

    Project Documents

    Water Main Replacement

    As part of the road reconstruction project, Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) will be replacing water main on Edgcumbe Road. To continue to ensure the reliability of our system, SPRWS will be replacing the existing 12" cast iron water main with 12" ductile iron pipe. The scope of the main replacement work is as follows:

    • Replace approximately 3,000 feet of 12" cast iron water main with 12" ductile iron
    • Replace necessary valves and hydrants in the project area

    SPRWS contacts