$15 Minimum Wage Employer Resources

The Department of Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO) is available to help businesses understand their Minimum Wage responsibilities. To make Minimum Wage compliance as efficient as possible, HREEO has provided the following employer resources. The Saint Paul business community can also contact city staff for business assistance or questions.

Read the $15 Minimum Wage Ordinance    Read the $15 Minimum Wage Proposed Rules   

To get started, figure out your business size under the Minimum Wage Ordinance:

Business Size flowchart 

Note: Employers must count all employees whether employed full-time, part-time, jointly with another employer, or on temporary basis, including employees not located in Saint Paul.

Minimum Wage Business Size Flowchart Graphic.jpg

Minimum Wage Business Size Flowchart 

Minimum Wage Schedules 

Once you know your business size, you need to determine your effective date (either January 1, 2020 or July 1, 2020) and the rate of pay. Be sure to note when the wage increases:

Date Macro Businesses (10,000 + employees) & City of Saint Paul Employees 
1/1/2020 $12.50
7/1/2021 $12.50
7/1/2022 $15.00
1/1/2023 City Rate*
Date Large Businesses    (100 - 9,999 employees) Small Businesses     (5 - 99 employees) Micro Businesses (Less than 5 employees)
7/1/2020 $11.50 $10.00 $9.25
7/1/2021 $12.50 $11.00 $10.00
7/1/2022 $13.50 $12.00 $10.75
7/1/2023 $15.00 $13.00 $11.50
7/1/2024 City Rate* $14.00 $12.25
7/1/2025 City Rate* $15.00 $13.25
7/1/2026 City Rate* City Rate* $14.25
7/1/2027 City Rate* City Rate* $15.00
7/1/2028 City Rate* City Rate* City Rate*

Youth Wage Schedule

If you have employees under the age of twenty (20), you may be able to pay the youth wage or youth training wage under specific circumstances. Review the Rules and FAQs for the youth wage criteria. If you have qualified employees, follow the youth wage schedule:

Date Youth Wage 
7/1/2020 $8.50
7/1/2021 $9.35
7/1/2022 $10.20
7/1/2023 $11.05
7/1/2024 $11.90
7/1/2025 $12.75
After July 1, 2025 85% of the city minimum wage, rounded to the nearest nickel

Workplace Notice Posters  

Employers must post and provide notice to their employees of their minimum wage rights. You must notify your employees of their minimum wage rights. The city provides workplace posters for you to use that are specific to each business size:

Minimum Wage and ESST Notice Poster_English

Minimum Wage Notice Poster (English)

Know Your Responsibilities 

Read the Rules, FAQs, and Ordinance to fully understand your responsibilities. Contact HREEO with any additional questions. 

Minimum Wage Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Wage Employer Checklist and Self-Audit

Minimum Wage Investigation Process

Minimum Wage Appeals Process Flowchart