• All new large and/or public events go through a proposal process. Below you will find a proposal form to complete and send to our event office. Please include as much information as possible as this will speed along the proposal process. The process typically takes two weeks for all of the appropriate parties to review the documents. We will be determining if the date, site and type of event are a good fit for the venue and date.

  • Once you submit your proposal, the proposed date (if it is currently available) will be placed on hold for your event during the proposal process. Please note that we limit the amount of large/public events at our venues to limit the impact to neighboring residents and businesses. At Harriet Island we do not schedule more than 2 of these type events a month. We keep specific weekends on hold for large events, please contact the Harriet Island event office if you don’t already know what date you would be proposing.

  • If your proposed event is approved, you will be sent the Harriet Island Large Event Permit to complete and submit. You will also need to submit Category A fees within 2 weeks of approval. If the permit/fees do not get submitted in the afore mentioned timeframe, we will release the date(s) you had on hold.

  • Event Proposal         


Saturday, April 30: PanCAN PurpleStride Minnesota


Sunday, May 1: May One Run


Saturday, May 14: ALS Super Hero Dash


Friday, August 12 - Sunday, August 14: Irish Fair of Minnesota


Sunday, September 18: Twin Cities Veg Fest


Thursday, September 22: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night




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Music in the Parks

Fitness in the Parks

Last Edited: March 17, 2022