Note: This page apply to groups of 999 people or less. For groups of 1,000 or more, please see Large Event and Community Festival Reservations.

Rental Rates & Information

  • To Reserve a Shelter, Pavilion or Building: See Reserve a Shelter, Pavilion or Building.
  • Tax: Prices include Minnesota sales tax in the amount of 7.625%.
  • Non-Profit/Tax Exempt: Non-Profit/Tax Exempt rates are available on facility rental fees as listed below to groups who provide proper documentation of such status at the time the permit is issued. The fees for large groups, tents and rides are not discounted except for the reduction of fees due to tax exempt status. For groups that are non-profit but not tax exempt, sales tax will be added back into non-profit/tax exempt fees listed.
  • Additional Fees: The rates listed below are for groups of 99 or less. There are additional fees for groups of 100 or more. Additional fees apply for tents, rides, large games, inflatables, pony rides and petting zoos.
  • Changes & Cancellations: See our Changes and Cancellations Policy.
  • Rental Sessions: The day is divided into two sessions. If you would like to reserve the entire day, you are required to pay for two sessions.  Please note, setup and cleanup times need to be included in your rental time.
    • ONE SESSION: 8:00 am until 1:30pm OR 2:30pm until 8:00pm
    • TWO SESSIONS (ALL DAY): 8:00 am. until 8:00 pm
  • Rates: For a quick overview of our rates, see Rates at-a Glance. Select a location below for more detailed information.
  • Answers to many common questions can be found in our Park Permit Rules and Regulations.

Reserve a Shelter, Pavilion or Building Picnic Facility Quick Facts (PDF) Rates at-a Glance (PDF)Shelter & Pavilion Map (PDF) 

Rental Locations & Information

Last Edited: August 10, 2023