OVERVIEW - Indian Mounds Regional Park Play Area and Shelter Design

Funding has been allocated to design and construct a new play area, develop architectural guidelines for future elements in the park, and provide a feasibility study for a small amphitheater. The Department of Parks and Recreation will be overseeing the design and these elements delineated in the 2011 Indian Mounds Regional Park Master Plan.

Project Manager Update

DRAFT SCHEDULEThe intended schedule for the project is based on construction completion in late fall 2013.

  • February 27, 2013: D.A.C. Meeting #1 - Introduction, overview, site analysis + studies

  • April 23, 2013: D.A.C. Meeting #2 - Present Conceptual Designs + solicit feedback

  • May 2013: D.A.C. walk through – walk the site to see where different elements are on concepts

  • June 2013: Dayton’s Bluff District Council Open Space Committee presentation

  • August 22, 2013: D.A.C. Meeting #3 - Presentation of refined design(s) + final direction

  • October 2013: 100% plan set

  • January 2014: Desired bid opening date

Construction late Summer through Fall, 2014 MEETINGS August 22, 2013: Design Advisory Committee Meeting #3: Meeting Notes, Presentation

April 23, 2013: Design Advisory Committee Meeting #2: Meeting Notes, Presentation February 27, 2013: Design Advisory Committee Kickoff: Draft Meeting Notes, Presentation

Project Resources

Committee Info Application Survey 2011 MASTER PLAN Indian Mounds Regional Park

Play Area and Shelter Design Project Information

Project manager: Ellen C. Stewart, ASLA Phone: 651-266-6380

OVERVIEW - Indian Mounds Master Plan

Indian Mounds Park was granted regional status by the Metropolitan Council in the mid 1970's as part of Battle Creek and Fish Hatchery. A very general plan for the park was done at that time. We will be updating the Master Plan to develop a more detailed and forward thinking plan to help preserve, restore and improve the amenities within the park. We'll not only be discussing physical amenities, but programming items, as well. There are no funds for direct improvements at this time, but the Master Plan will help guide funding requests in the future. Also, as part of the plan we will take into consideration the smaller Mounds Park (maintenance facility) located nearby within the block bordered by Cypress and Mound Sts. and McLean and Burns Aves.

Definition of a Regional Park*: An area of natural or ornamental quality for nature-oriented outdoor recreation such as picnicking, boating, fishing, swimming, camping and trail uses. It serves an area of 3-5 communities and has an average size between 200-500 acres, with a 100 acre minimum. Site attributes should include a complete natural setting contiguous to water bodies or watercourses where possible. The site location is where the natural resource occurs – particularly water. *Taken from the Metropolitan Council 2030 Regional Parks Policy Plan, Table 2


MEETINGS (Held at Cerenity Care Center, 200 Earl St., St. Paul) Meeting #1 August 5, 2010 Agenda, Notes, Powerpoint PresentationMeeting #2 September 16, 2010 Agenda, Existing Conditions, Opportunities and Constraints,

Goals and Objectives, Program, NotesMeeting #3 October 21, 2010 Agenda, Notes, Presentation Meeting #4 November 18, 2010 Agenda, Notes, Presentation Meeting #5 December 16, 2010 (see mtg. #4 for notes etc.) Meeting #6 January 20, 2011 Public Open House Indian Mounds Master Plan Concept, Mounds Maintenance Facility, Indian Mounds Open House CommentsMeeting #7 February 17, 2011 Agenda, Notes, PresentationMeeting #8 March 24, 2011 Master Plan Summary PROJECT RESOURCES

1974 Regional Recreation Open Space (1st Master Plans for Regional Parks System)

1981 Battle Creek/Fish Hatchery/Indian Mounds/Pig’s Eye Master PlanNatural Resource Management Plan 1900 Map Indian Mounds 1957 HandoutGreat River Park Webpage

Mounds Archeological info

Project Information

Project manager: Kathleen Anglo Phone: 651-266-6368

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