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Transportation Planning/Studies

West 7th and Shepard Road Access Options Study

Complete Streets Plan

Selby-Western Parking Study

Zoning Studies/Amendments

Zoning Fees Text Amendments

Green Line Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning Text Amendment

Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study

Ward 3 Residential Standards Zoning Study

Campus Boundaries Expansion Process Zoning Study

Outdoor Commercial Uses Zoning Study

Major Redevelopment Sites

West Side Flats

Ford Site Redevelopment

Snelling-Midway Redevelopment Site


Parkland Dedication

Effective October 3, 2015, The City of Saint Paul will enact a revised parkland dedication ordinance. Under the revised ordinance, any development that increases the number of residential dwelling units, Increases the floor area of commercial, industrial, or storage buildings, or any combination thereof, will be required to dedicate land for park space as determined by the City Council or pay a fee in lieu of dedicating land.

For newly platted land or larger developments, a consultation with the Department of Parks and Recreation should be set-up prior to proceeding beyond the initial concept stage of the project. During this consultation Parks Staff will determine the feasibility of a land dedication or if the fees would be the preferable option for your project.

Please contact Mike Kimble, with the Department of Parks and Recreation, at 651-266-6417 for more information on parkland dedication or to set-up a consultation meeting.

Draft Rules for Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, on June 2, 2014, published a Request for Comments on draft rules for the Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA).  The proposed rules would mandate new MRCCA zoning overlay districts and regulations to replace the districts and regulations that were adopted by the City and approved by the state in 1982.  The Planning Commission will recommend City comments after having a presentation by DNR staff on the draft rules on Friday, October 17, 2014, and holding a public hearing on the draft rules on Friday, October 31, 2014.  Both Planning Commission meetings are at 8:30 AM, City Hall Room 40, 15 W. Kellogg Boulevard.