Planning Commission

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As the City of Saint Paul continues to respond to the spread of COVID-19 in alignment with guidance from public health officials, the Planning Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting for March 20, 2020 has been postponed.

The Commission intends to meet at its next scheduled meeting of April 3, 2020 and will take up the agenda of its March 20, 2020 meeting at that time.  If circumstances require the manner and/or location of this meeting to change, notice will be provided as required by law.

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About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a 21-member advisory body made up of citizen volunteers appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Commission and its sub-committees (Zoning CommitteeComprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee, and Transportation Committee) take on municipal planning issues as required by law. It reviews and makes recommendations on comprehensive planning and zoning issues, studies, and amendments.  The Planning Commission also holds public hearings where members of the public can be heard.

Note: The Neighborhood Planning Committee was merged with the Comprehensive Planning Committee in 2018. Archives of meeting agendas and materials can be found here.


  • Aquanetta Anderson
  • Cedrick Baker (First Vice Chair)
  • Anne DeJoy 
  • Daniel Edgerton (Zoning Committee Chair) 
  • Kristine Grill (Secretary and Comprehensive & Neighborhood Planning Committee Chair)
  • Nathaniel Hood 
  • Taqee Khaled
  • Chong Lee 
  • William Lindeke (Transportation Committee Chair)
  • Kathy Mouacheupao 
  • Christopher Ochs
  • Trevor Oliver 
  • Adrian Perryman
  • Luis Rangel Morales (Chair)
  • Jeff Risberg
  • Antonio Rodriguez
  • Wendy Underwood (Communications-Nominations Committee Chair)
  • Lue Vang (Second Vice Chair)

Please click here for contact information and biographies for the Planning Commissioners.

Planning Comission

First row (left to right) – *Kris Fredson, Aquanetta Anderson,  Kathy Mouacheupao, Chong Lee, Taqee Khalid, *Terri Thao, Luis Rangel Morales (Chair), Christopher Ochs, *Eric Wojchik, *Shannon Eckman​

Second row (left to right) – Lue Vang, Anne DeJoy, William Lindeke, Wendy Underwood, *John Reich, Trevor Oliver, *Betsy Reveal, Adrian Perryman, Cedrick Baker
Former Planning Commissioner(s) have an * (Asterisk) in front of their name.  

Annual Reports


Planning Commission meetings are held at 8:30 a.m. every other Friday in the City Hall basement, room 40.​

Date Agenda Action Minutes Approved Minutes & Public Hearing Comments Packets
January 10, 2020 MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED      
January 24, 2020 Agenda 01/24/20 Action Minutes 01/24/20

Minutes 01/24/20


Zoning Information
WSide Community Plan-Equitable Development Scorecard
160 South Wabasha Street-Commercial Dev. District
974-7th Street West-Commercial Dev. District
1 Leech Street So.-Expand Commercial Dev. District
Religious Accessory Uses Zoning Study
February 7, 2020 Agenda 02/07/20 Action Minutes 02/07/20 Minutes 02/07/20
RM Zoning Study presentation
Zoning Information
RM Zoning Study
February 21, 2020 MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED    


March 6, 2020 Agenda 03/06/20 Action Minutes 03/06/20

Minutes 03/06/20
Informational presentation zoning and legal procedure reminders

Zoning Information
District 14 & District 15 Plan
March 20, 2020


Agenda 03/20/20
Agenda Postponement 3/20/20

Action Minutes 03/20/20 Minutes 03/20/20
District 14 & District 15 Plan presentation
Zoning Information


April 3, 2020 Agenda 04/03/20 Action Minutes 04/03/20 Minutes 04/03/20
Zoning Information
Summary of Ford Master Plan & Zoning Text Amendments
April 17, 2020    


May 1, 2020        
May 15, 2020        
May 29, 2020    
June 12, 2020    


June 26, 2020    


July 10, 2020    


July 24, 2020        
August 7, 2020        
August 21, 2020      
September 4, 2020        
September 18, 2020        
October 2, 2020        
October 16, 2020        
October 30, 2020        
November 13, 2020        
December 4, 2020        
December 18, 2020        

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