Planning Commission

About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a 21-member advisory body made up of citizen volunteers appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Commission and its sub-committees (Zoning CommitteeComprehensive Planning CommitteeTransportation Committee and Neighborhood Planning Committee) take on municipal planning issues as required by law. It reviews and makes recommendations on comprehensive planning and zoning issues, studies, and amendments.  The Planning Commission also holds public hearings where members of the public can be heard.


Front row (left to right): Betsy Reveal, Paula Merrigan, Barbara Wencl (chair), Terri Thao Middle row: *Marilyn Porter, *Rebecca Noecker, *Julie Padilla, Gaius Nelson, Daniel Ward,  *Jun-Li Wang Back row: Emily Shively, *Bob Spaulding, Trevor Oliver, Christopher Ochs, Kyle Makarios, Bill Lindeke, Daniel Edgerton Not pictured: *Pat Connolly, Gene Gelgelu, *Tony Schertler, David Wickiser

* - no longer on the Planning Commission

  • Anne DeJoy
  • Daniel Edgerton
  • ​Kris Fredson
  • Gene Gelgelu
  • ​Taqee Khaled 
  • William Lindeke (Transportation Committee Chair) 
  • Kyle Makarios
  • Melanie McMahon
  • Paula Merrigan (Second Vice-Chair, Comprehensive Planning Committee Chair)
  • Kathy Mouacheupao
  • Gaius Nelson (Zoning Committee Chair)
  • Christopher Ochs
  • Trevor Oliver (Neighborhood Planning Committee Chair)
  • Betsy Reveal (First Vice-Chair)
  • Emily Shively
  • Terri Thao
  • Wendy Underwood
  • Daniel Ward II (Secretary)
  • Barbara A. Wencl (Chair)
  • David Wickiser

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Annual Report

The 2015 Saint Paul Planning Commission Annual Report includes some of the highlights of the work the Planning Commission has undertaken in the past year.


Planning Commission meetings are held at 8:30 a.m. every other Friday in the City Hall basement, rooms 40A and B.

2016 Planning Commission and Zoning Committee meeting schedule

Date Agenda Action Minutes Approved Minutes & Public Hearing Comments Packets Planning Commission Retreat
01/08/16 Agenda Action Minutes 01/08/16 Approved Minutes 01/08/16 
University Ave PH Comments
University Avenue Parking Study PH
01/22/16 Agenda Action Minutes 01/22/16 Approved Minutes 01/22/16
Fall 2015 Market Watch Presentation
Union Park PH Comments
Merriam Park PH Comments
Congregate Living Zoning Study PH
02/05/16 Agenda Action Minutes 02/05/16 Approved Minutes 02/05/16
River Balcony Master Plan Presentation
Green Line Accessory Dwelling
University Ave Parking Draft Resolution
02/19/16 Agenda 02/19/16 Action Minutes 02/19/16 Approved Minutes 02/19/16
District 1 Community Plan Presentation 
Ford Site Update Presentation 
Snelling Midway Site Plan Map
District 1 Community Plan
Ford Site Project Area Redevel.
03/04/16 Agenda 03/04/16 Action Minutes 03/04/16 Approved Minutes 03/04/16
Capital City Bikeway Presentation
Congregate Living Zoning Study
03/18/16 MEETING CANCELED      
04/01/16 Agenda 04/01/16 Action Minutes 04/01/16 Approved Minutes 04/01/16
Victoria Park Apartments Phase 3 slides
Snelling Midway Master Plan Presentation
District 1 Community Plan Public Hearing
04/15/16 Agenda 04/15/16  Action Minutes 04/15/16 Approved Minutes 04/15/16

District 1 Community Plan
District 6  Plan Amendments 
Street Design/Complete Streets Action Plan  
Street Design Manual

04/29/16 Agenda 04/29/16 Action Minutes 04/29/16 Approved Minutes 04/29/16
Environmental Review Snell-Midway Site
ADU Presentation 
Snelling Midway Redevelopment Site
Snelling Midway Master Plan Review
Green Line TN Zoning Study Follow Up
Wilson II Redevelopment Plan 
05/13/16 Agenda 05/13/16 Action Minutes 05/13/16 Approved Minutes 05/13/16 
N-STAR Proposals
North Garden Theater CDD
Can Can Wonderland CCD
05/27/16 Agenda 05/27/16 Action Minutes 05/27/16 Approved Minutes 05/27/16
Street Design Plan PH presentation
Mac-Grove Community Plan
06/10/16 Agenda 06/10/16 Action Minutes 06/10/16 Approved Minutes 6/10/16
Public Hearing Written Comments Received
Snelling Midway PH Materials
Master Plan
Soccer Stadium Plan
Snelling Midway CAC Report
Snell-Midway Zoning Amendment
06/24/16 Revised Agenda 06/24/16 Action Minutes 06/24/16 Approved Minutes 06/24/16
Snell/Midway AUAR presentation
Union Park District 13 Community Plan
North End District 6 Community Plan
07/08/16 Agenda 07/08/16 Action Minutes 07/08/16 Approved Minutes 07/08/16
Snelling Midway Master Plan Revised Resolution
Snelling Midway Site Plan Revised Resolution
CPC Recommended Changes-MP Revised staff report
Snelling Midway Stadium Site Plan Revised Staff Report
RK Midway's concerns and staff responses


Master Plan Staff report
Master Plan Staff report w-Tracks
Master Plan attachments
Master Plan Resolution 
Site Plan Staff Report packet 
Zoning Clarification Staff Report


07/22/16 Agenda 07/22/16 Action Minutes 07/22/16

Approved Minutes 07/22/16
2040 Comp Plan: update on community engagement presentation 

08/05/16 Agenda 08/05/16 Action Minutes 08/05/16

Approved Minutes 08/05/16
Big Picture Update presentation

08/19/16 Agenda 08/19/16 Action Minutes 08/19/16 Approved Minutes 08/19/16 08/19/16  
09/02/16 Agenda 09/02/16 Action Minutes 09/02/16 Approved Minutes 09/02/16
MN State Capitol Renovation presentation 
Outdoor Uses Zoning Study presentation
09/16/16 Meeting is Canceled        
09/30/16 Revised Agenda 09/30/16 Action Minutes 09/30/16 Approved Minutes 09/30/16
Rethinking I-94
Rondo Land Bridge
10/14/16 Agenda 10/14/16 Meeting has been Cancelled      
10/28/16 Revised Agenda 10/28/16 Action Minutes 10/28/16 Approved Minutes 10/28/16
Capital Improvement Budget presentation
Outdoor Commercial Uses
11/18/16 Agenda 11/18/16 Action Minutes 11/18/16 Approved Minutes 11/181/6
Ford Site presentation
Outdoor Commercial Uses
Sign Ordinance Amendment
Red Rock Corridor Plan
12/02/16 Meeting is Canceled         
12/16/16 Agenda 12/16/16        
12/30/16 Agenda 12/30/16        

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