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Guía de reciclaje All In para el 2017                 
2017 Dhamaan Tilmaanta Dib u Cusboneysiinta
2017 Txhua Yam Nyob Hauv Phau Ntawv Qhia Coj Khib Nyiab Los Tsim Siv Dua


Residential Recycling Program

The City of Saint Paul partners with Eureka Recycling to provide weekly recycling collection. For more information about collection location or to report a missed pick up, contact Eureka Recycling at (651) 222-7678 or 

Saint Paul began collecting recycling from wheeled, lidded carts on January 16, 2017. The recycling carts used in the new automated collection system provide more space for recyclable materials and help reduce litter by keeping items in the cart. 



How to Use Your Wheeled Cart for Recycling:

  • Set out your recyclables in your new recycling cart for collection. We no longer accept recyclables in blue curbside bins, other containers, or paper bags outside of the cart. 
  • Set out your recycling cart by 7:00 a.m. along the edge of the alley or curb with arrows on the top lid facing out. 
  • Make sure snow is cleared away from the recycling cart. Do not place in or on a snow bank, or in standing water (to prevent your cart from freezing to the ground in the winter). 
  • Do not place the cart on or behind any retaining wall, inside a fence or behind a car.
  • Place your recycling cart at least two feet away from objects such as your garage, trash cart, trees, fences, etc.
  • All material must fit loosely inside your cart with the lid closed. Do not place extra cardboard next to your cart.
  • Remember to remove your cart from the curb after collection. 

How big is the cart?

All households received a 64-gallon cart at the start of the program. If you would like to try a smaller (32-gallon) or larger (95-gallon) cart you may request a switch by calling Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678. One switch will be allowed at no charge. 

pw_recycling_cart dimensions 3 sizes

See this chart for a full spectrum of cart sizes and their dimensions.




Accepted Materials 

Saint Paul has a single-sort recycling system, which means residents can put all recyclable materials into one cart. 

For more information download the 2017 All In Recycling Guide.


Guía de reciclaje All In para el 2017                 
2017 Dhamaan Tilmaanta Dib u Cusboneysiinta
2017 Txhua Yam Nyob Hauv Phau Ntawv Qhia Coj Khib Nyiab Los Tsim Siv Dua





For more disposal options, visit


Recycling Clothes and Linens 

Clothes and linens are accepted in the Saint Paul residential recycling program. Items accepted include:

  • Linens (towels, sheets, blankets, curtains, tablecloths)pw_recycling_clothes
  • Clothes and miscellaneous accessories (examples: belts, coats, hats, gloves, shoes, and boots)
  • Clean fabric scraps and rags
  • No wet or dirty clothes



Instructions for Recycling Clothes and Linens:

  • Place items in a sturdy plastic  bag (must be 30-gallon size or smaller).
  • Fasten the bag tightly so items will not get wet or fall out.
  • Clearly mark the bag "CLOTHES & LINENS" so the drivers can see the bag is for recycling, not garbage.
  • Place your bag next to your cart by 7 a.m. on your recycling collection day.
  • Do not put any other recycling in plastic bags. 

PLEASE NOTE: Clothes and linens are now collected by a different truck, after the collection of your regular recyclables. Please leave your bags of clothes and linens out for collection even if they have not been collected at the same time as your cart. Someone will be returning for them!


Collection Days:

New recycling collection days took effect on January 16, 2017. View this map to find your new collection day.


Holiday Collection

Your collection day will be delayed one day if it falls on or after these observed holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day

Missed Collection

If you miss your collection date or your materials were not picked up, contact Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678. Hold your materials and set out the next week or drop off your materials at the City of Saint Paul's Recycling Drop-Off Center.


Additional Information for Apartment Buildings 

Saint Paul requires recycling service be provided at all residential properties. The City provides for two different types of service:

Small Apartment Buildings (5-11 Units):

Small apartment buildings that have 5-11 units will share two large (95 gallon) recycling carts. Similar to your garbage collection, the recycling cart will either stay in the alley or will go out to the curb on your recycling day. 

If your building does not have an alley, be sure that the person responsible for setting your carts at the curb knows your new recycling collection day. Learn when your recycling is picked up by viewing this Recycling Collection Day Map.

Large Apartment Buildings (12 or more Units):

Large apartment buildings that have 12 units or more will continue recycling in the same location as designated by their property manager. If your building does not currently offer recycling, contact Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678 to set up service. 


Business Recycling

pw_recycling_apartment collection

Businesses are required to recycle materials. To set up recycling services at your business, contact your refuse hauler or Eureka Recycling. Small businesses may take materials to Saint Paul's Recycling Drop-Off Center at no charge.

Recycling Technical Assistance is Available Through:

  • BizRecycling:
    • Free resources and assistance to Ramsey and Washington County schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, local businesses that want to learn more about recycling opportunities for paper, bottles, cans, food and organic waste.
  • Minnesota Waste Wise Free Technical Assistance (a program of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce)
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Small Business Environmental Assistance Program