Water Training Method

This method works for almost all dogs and is simple to use if you follow these guidelines:

  • First, be consistent and persistent with your pet. The dog will not learn if it is corrected one time and not the next time for the same action. For this reason, plan your teaching sessions with your dog for times when you can be at home most of the day.
  • Fill a spray bottle or water pistol with water.
  • When the dog barks, immediately give it one or two squirts of water and say, "Quiet!". The dog will not understand if you wait until it stops barking.
  • If the dog backs away, repeat saying "Quiet" as you move toward your pet and give it one more squirt of water.
  • Repeat this action each time the dog barks without reason. Remember to always praise your dog if it barks in a watchdog situation.
  • With this conditioning experience your dog will soon learn to expect a squirt of water when you shout "Quiet!". Once it has made this association, you will not need to squirt your dog again.

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