Is Your Dog a Nuisance Animal?


If you own a dog that barks frequently and/or excessively, you may own a nuisance animal. Not all barking is bad. Barking is a dog's response to its environment. It can alert owners and neighbors to a stranger's presence or other potential problems. It can also let an owner know when a dog is in trouble.

Excessive Barking

Excessive barking is extremely annoying. Noisy animals create neighborhood tension. Chronic barking is a sign of a bored or nervous dog and should be stopped immediately.

Your dog may be a nuisance animal if it barks excessively when:

  • Someone walks by or rings the doorbell
  • It hears a siren
  • Another animal comes into view or another dog barks
  • It is alone

If this sounds like your dog, you may need to find help for your pet.