Trash Ordinances

The City's ordinances closely regulate trash and garbage, and specify that:

  • Trash must be stored and placed out for collection in proper containers with covers.
  • Trash cannot be dumped on private property without the owner's consent and (in some cases) without a permit.
  • Trash cannot be allowed to accumulate in a house, garage, or backyard.
  • Household trash cannot be dumped in public parks, vacant lots, baskets on street corners, or commercial trash receptacles.

Weekly trash pickup by a City-licensed hauler or weekly disposal at an authorized landfill or transfer station is mandatory. Trash waiting for collection must not be placed on the curb or in the alley for more than 12 hours.

Reporting Trash

If trash has accumulated, call the DSI - Information & Complaints Office at 651-266-8989 for a summary abatement (see Summary Abatement). They receive a large number of complaints about accumulated trash, especially during the summer. This workload and appeals of the inspector's order might delay actual pickup of the trash.

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Last Edited: May 19, 2021