Some neighborhood problems are violations of the zoning code. The zoning code regulates the use of land and establishes standards for the location of structures on the land, signage, and off-street parking spaces. Types of problems enforced through the zoning code are:

  • Home businesses (for example: auto repair in garages, commercial vehicles stored in yards)
  • Too many people living in a single family dwelling (more than a related family plus two, or more than four unrelated people)
  • Single family dwellings made into duplexes without permits
  • Parking spaces created in required yards
  • People living in campers
  • Material improperly stored on the exterior of businesses

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with orders to correct zoning violations can result in criminal citations, where the outcome is decided by the court system.

More Information & Filing Complaints

For information about the zoning code, call DSI Zoning at 651-266-9008 or visit the Zoning section of the website. To file a complaint about violations of the zoning code, call the DSI - Information & Complaint Office at 651-266-8989.

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Last Edited: March 2, 2017