Saint Paul Regional Water Services

Saint Paul Regional Water Services will continue to provide safe and reliable drinking water services to our customers and remain able to meet customer’s demands. 

We want to emphasize that our water supply is safe and secure. (Additional information on Covid-19 and tap water.)

What is SPRWS Doing to Ensure Customers are Protected from COVID-19?

We are carefully monitoring the state and national advisories regarding COVID-19. We are also taking precautionary steps to protect the health of our employees and customers.

Water Customer Service Offices are Closed to the Public Until Further Notice

Our customer service office at 1900 Rice Street is closed to the public until further notice.
Our customer service representatives are still available to assist you at 651-266-6350 or by emailing

This closure includes our engineering service desk, which handles permits, water service installations, and other related needs. You can reach the engineering service desk at 651-266-6270.

During this time, SPRWS will not be turning water off due to non-payment.

Bill Pay Options

Remember, the following options are always available to pay your bill and for most water account needs:

  • 651-266-6350 for automated phone service
    press “0” for a customer service rep


  • Drop box located in front of the administration building at 1900 Rice Street

  • Send your bill payment to 1900 Rice Street, St. Paul, MN 55113

To contact us, call 651-266-6350 or email us:

We have robust emergency operations and business continuity plans that include the possibility of a pandemic.
We will continue to update those plans for COVID-19, as necessary, to meet our service obligations to our customers and communities.

Please know that we are evaluating current procedures and making updates to protect customers as well as utility staff in case additional measures are necessary. We will continue to conduct routine operations as well as respond to emergency situations such as water main breaks or other system failures. To minimize direct interactions and maintain social distance, some processes and procedures may change during this period. We will keep customers informed of any changes that may affect bill payment or other functions as a result of Covid-19.

Water Shut Offs Suspended for 30 Days

Saint Paul Regional Water Services’ customers will have water service regardless of ability to pay.

The Board of Water Commissioners, in coordination with the St. Paul Mayor's office,  issued a directive to Saint Paul Regional Water Services’ staff to suspend water shut offs for the next 30 days.

 “Public health is our number one priority,” said Matt Anfang, president of the Board of Water Commissioners.
“Washing hands is one of the most important steps people can take in preventing the coronavirus. We want to make sure that all of our customers have access to the water they need.”

More information on drinking water and coronavirus.

Temporary water shut offs due to construction or emergency maintenance activities may continue during this time. Water service will be restored as soon possible during these events.

Questions or Concerns About Your Tap Water and the Coronavirus? 

 Saint Paul Regional Water Services’ drinking water treatment process effectively safeguards our customers from viruses such as the flu virus and the coronavirus.

For more information

Water Meter Lawsuit

A settlement agreement has been approved by the Board of Water Commissioners in a class action lawsuit related to single family homes with one-inch water meters.
Anyone who is a member of the class will be notified by mail.
Credits or refunds will be done automatically.

How do I get more information?

To read the complete Notice of Settlement and the Settlement Agreement or for more information about the settlement, visit the following website: and search Dvorak v. City of Saint Paul
If you have questions about your eligibility as a Class or Subclass Member or your entitlement to relief, please call the administrator at  (888) 427-9231 or visit and search Dvorak v. City of Saint Paul. 


Learn where our water comes from (video: 3:52) and follow the path our water takes (interactive story).

Another view of where our water comes from, (Video: 4:12) presented by one of our suburban customers, Maplewood. (A more global view of water sources in the state and how it is important to be good stewards of water, as that water flows into the Mississippi River, our source for drinking water.)


To pay a bill, visit our bill pay site. For more information, visit our billing information page.

Moving? Read about the process and then call customer service at 651-266-6350 (press "0" to speak to a representative).


To learn more about ongoing and upcoming construction visit our water construction projects page.

Lead and Household Water

Visit our service lookup to determine if your water service line is made of lead. You will need your account number.
Information about lead and household water can be found on our dedicated page, in an interactive story, and in a video on reducing your exposure (3:12).


Watch how to use your water meter to find leaks (4:46) and visit our leaks page for more information.