Saint Paul Regional Water Services

Saint Paul Regional Water Services supplies reliable, quality water and services at a reasonable cost to the city of Saint Paul and neighboring communities.

Water Meter Lawsuit

A settlement agreement has been approved by the Board of Water Commissioners in a class action lawsuit related to single family homes with one-inch water meters, but it has not been approved by the court yet.
Once there is preliminary approval from the court, anyone who is a member of the class will be notified by mail.
Credits or refunds will be done automatically.

Help the Fire Department Keep Fire Hydrants Clear of Snow

Use this map to locate a fire hydrant near you, then help our community stay safe by keeping it clear of snow.

Fire hydrant shown in winter with immediate area cleared of snow.

Why is my Water Cloudy?

In the winter, sometimes water coming from the tap appears cloudy. Find out why.


Learn where our water comes from (video: 3:52) and follow the path our water takes (interactive story).


To pay a bill, visit our bill pay site. For more information, visit our billing information page.

Moving? Read about the process and then call customer service at 651-266-6350 (press "0" to speak to a representative).


To learn more about ongoing and upcoming construction visit our water construction projects page.

Lead and Household Water

Visit our service lookup map to determine if your water service line is made of lead.
Information about lead and household water can be found on our dedicated page, in an interactive story, and in a video on reducing your exposure (3:12).


Watch how to use your water meter to find leaks (4:46) and visit our leaks page for more information.