Frogtown Park and Farm

Frogtown Park and FarmAbout Frogtown Park and Farm

Frogtown Park and Farm is an urban farm and park in the Frogtown neighborhood. Visit the Frogtown Farm website for the latest events and activities.


Demonstration Farm, Sledding Hill, Outdoor Kitchen, Playground, Bike Racks, Benches

Frogtown Farm

Frogtown Farm is one of the largest organic urban farms in the country. Located in the heart of the diverse and vibrant Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Frogtown Farm is a certified organic, urban demonstration farm that is a destination for those seeking learning, innovation, reflection, celebration, and authentic community.

Roaming Rec Program

Roaming Rec is a free summer youth program offering outdoor games, arts and crafts, and other recreation activities at parks and other locations around Saint Paul. Snacks will be served at each session.

Frogtown Park and Farm Play Area