Ford Site Design Standards

Design standards support the development of a walkable, pedestrian and bike-friendly built environment, and encourage a sense of place. They impact how the faces of buildings meet the street, what exterior building materials should be used, and landscaping. In 2017, the City Council directed the creation of design standards when it adopted the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan (Ford Site Master Plan). The Ford Site design standards will be added to the Ford Site Master Plan, with Zoning Code amendments necessary for consistency.

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Process and Timeline

The Saint Paul Planning Commission held a public hearing on draft design standards to be amended to the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan, and related draft Zoning Code text amendments on Friday, June 28, 2019. Supporting documents are included in the table below.

Public comment will be considered by the Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee prior to making a final recommendation to the Planning Commission on July 17, 2019.

The next opportunity for public comment will be at the City Council public hearing. The public hearing date is to be determined.

Date Host Documents
June 28, 2019 Planning Commission (Public Hearing)

June 28 Planning Commission Agenda

June 28 Action Minutes

Ford Site Design Standards Public Hearing Presentation

Ford Site Design Standard Public Comments

May 31, 2019 Planning Commission

May 31 Planning Commission Agenda

May 31 Planning Commission Action Minutes

CNPC Design Standards Recommendation

May 26, 2019 Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee (CNPC)

May 26 Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee (CNPC) Agenda

CNPC Design Standards Staff Report

April 23, 2019 City of Saint Paul Planning and Economic Development (Public Open House)

Ford Site Design Standards Boards

Ford Site Design Standards Presentation