Fire Engineering

Engineering and Plan Review

A fire protection engineer reviews plans for all new installations, fire alarm systems, exit design, occupancy separations, and other plans that effect the life safety of the occupants.

The engineer consults with design professionals, building owners, and other City agencies to assure conformance with all fire and life safety requirements in Saint Paul buildings. The engineer is also available to consult with Fire Prevention Inspectors for code correction assistance and advice.

Specialized fire sprinkler inspectors also review plans and make inspections for the approval of fire safety systems. The fire sprinkler contractor must be licensed by the State Fire Marshal. Fire alarm contractors must also be licensed by the State.

Permit Process

**New applications effective August 18, 2014**
Online Permits

Each contractor must be pre registered in order to use Safety & Inspections Online, the City's online permit application system. Only one person per company may be registered online. Once registered, you can use the system for any permit not requiring a plan. For fire suppression this is any existing system under 25 heads. For fire alarm this is any system under 100 heads. We currently do not have the ability to receive electronic plans.

Your online fire alarm permit application will be automatically created when you fill out your electrical permit application.

After filling out the required information, our staff will approve the application. Once the applicant pays for the permit they will receive an email with the permit and an inspection request form. You must receive an approved permit before commencing work.

As with paper permits, fax in the inspection request form to receive an inspection.

Paper Permits

A paper permit application is required for any new suppression system or one with more than 25 heads and any fire alarm system with more than 100 opening devices. You can also use a paper permit if you do not have an online permit account with One Stop Gov. Click on the links below to obtain a paper permit application. The application, along with any plans or submittals, can either be mailed or dropped off in person. We keep one set of plans and return the rest to you. Only submit one set of submittals or hydraulic calculations as we do not return any copies to you. Please make checks out to City of Saint Paul. You must receive an approved permit before commencing work.

To receive an inspection, fax in the appropriate form below.


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