Water Construction Projects

Saint Paul Regional Water Services' 2019 construction season is underway.

Here you will find water construction project overviews and updates.

SPRWS System Map
The map is interactive and presents an overview of our service area.
Project areas are highlighted. Click on them to access additional information.

If you know the street name of the project you want more information on, you can go directly to the project using the links below.

Check back for updated information on each project.

10th Street

Cleveland Villard

Marthaler Lane

Mendota Road

Norton Street

Ottawa Ave.

Selby/Dayton/Hague Cleaning and Lining

St. Peter St.

Thompson Ave.

Water Construction Projects with Other Entities

Where we can, we co-ordinate our projects with the municipalities we serve to do work on our water mains while they are doing road work.

Where another party is the lead on the project, we will link to their websites to provide additional information on those projects.

West Saint Paul

Livingston Ave.



Saint Paul

Wheelock Parkway, Phase IV

Fairview Ave.



West Saint Paul Water Tank Repairs and Painting