The City of Saint Paul plans to reconstruct eight blocks of Robert Street in downtown Saint Paul, from I-94 to Kellogg Boulevard. Reconstruction is needed to repair and replace sidewalks, pavement, and utilities. Improvements include all new:

  • Sidewalks, boulevards, and trees
  • Curb, gutters, and storm water systems
  • Pavement and lane markings
  • Traffic signals and signage
  • Underground utilities

Robert Street from Kellogg Boulevard to I-94 in downtown. 

Community engagement starting in fall 2022. Utility work starting in 2023 and continuing until road construction begins in 2025. Construction in 2025 and 2026.


    Utility Construction Work

    In 2024, utilities will be working on Robert Street and nearby streets in preparation for the full reconstruction of Robert Street planned for 2025 and 2026. Please follow all posted signs. Access to businesses will be maintained.

    Xcel Energy

    Xcel Energy is working to upgrade the electric infrastructure along Robert Street. They are currently working on the north side of Robert Street near the intersection with 6th Street. This work is scheduled to be completed in early February 2024.

    In early February 2024, Xcel Energy will start work on Robert Street near the intersection with 7th Place (half a block north of their current construction site). This work near 7th Place is anticipated to take 3-4 months.

    Saint Paul Sewer Utility

    The Saint Paul Sewer Utility will be updating the sanitary sewer at the intersection of Robert Street and 6th Street. Sewer work is scheduled to start April 1, 2024 and take approximately two months. 

    At the start of the sewer work on April 1 for approximately 2 weeks, Robert Street will be closed to all traffic north of the 6th Street intersection and 6th Street will be reduced to one lane. Access to properties between 6th Street and 7th Street will be from 7th Street.

    Design Option B (2 vehicle lanes with a center turn lane) Selected for Robert Street

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 3 design options for Robert Street based on the first phase of public engagement. 

    Based on public input, Design Option B was selected by the City.

    Design Option B is 2 vehicle lanes with a center turn lane. The design features wider sidewalks, bumpouts at intersections, in-lane Bus Rapid Transit stations, left turn lanes for multimodal safety, retains on-street parking at key nodes, accommodates green infrastructure to improve water quality, and provides critical loading zones.

    View the Concept Design Memo for details on how Design Option B was selected and examples of how a typical block on Robert Street will look.

    Graphic showing the path from public input to the 3 design options for Robert Street to the decision to go with Design Option B for Robert Street

    Project Goals

    The reconstruction of Robert Street presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to achieve the City’s vision of what a modern downtown corridor can be: safe, livable, inviting, active, a center of regional economic activity – and equitable for all. The following project goals will guide this reconstruction project.

    • Create a vibrant and welcoming place for everyone
    • Improve mobility for all modes of travel
    • Support efficient and reliable transit service through downtown
    • Create an accessible and safe environment for people who walk and roll
    • Enhance street-level commerce
    • Facilitate a community engagement process that addresses the needs of all stakeholders
    • Improve and replace aging roads, sidewalks, and utilities in 2025 and 2026