The City of St Paul will be replacing the Kellogg/3rd Street bridge to address the need for a more reliable connection to the City that will accommodate people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving.

Kellogg/3rd Street bridge including Kellogg Boulevard from Broadway Street to Mounds Boulevard

The city anticipates bidding the construction contract in early 2024. Construction is anticipated to start in 2024 and will take approximately 3 years to complete.


    Final Art Designs

    View the final art designs on the railings and pier columns, including the specific locations.

    Final art designs for the Kellogg-3rd Street Bridge showing all five railing panel designs from west to east: Lowertown buildings, wild rice and river, swimming smallmouth bass, flying eagle, Dayton's Bluff buildings,
    Kellogg/3rd Street Bridge Art Designs

    Proposed Construction Detours

    Wall Street is NOT being proposed as a vehicle detour route during construction.

    • Early in the project, Wall Street was identified as a potential vehicle detour route, to re-connect 7th Street to Kellogg Boulevard in the Lowertown area.
    • It was determined that detouring via Wall Street is problematic because of the traffic volume as well as the special events that already impact Wall Street.
    • At this time, Robert Street is being proposed as the vehicle detour route during construction.

    Project Updates

    Frequently Asked Questions