The project is replacing roadway pavement, sidewalks, curbs, and underground utilities including water and sewer. Also included are sidewalk infill areas and the resurfacing of Hamline Avenue between Highland Parkway and Randolph Avenue.

Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) will replace all lead water services from the water main to the property line (public right of way portion) as part of the project. If you have a lead water service from the property line to the water meter at your property (private portion), you can sign-up for SPRWS’ Lead Free Program to have that portion replaced at no cost. For additional information and to sign up for the Lead Free Program, visit or call SPRWS’ Lead Free team at 651-266-6280.

Additional project benefits:

  • ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps
  • Boulevard trees - to be planted in spring 2023
  • Concrete outwalks and driveway aprons
  • Lantern-style street lighting
  • Private utility upgrades
  • Public art
  • Sodded boulevards
  • Storm sewer catch basins

Project area bounded by Eleanor Avenue, Hamline Avenue, Montreal Avenue, and Interstate 35E

Summer 2022 into 2023


    Construction is Underway

    • Construction on Eleanor Avenue from Hamline Avenue to Edgcumbe Road, and Highland Parkway from Hamline Avenue to Edgcumbe Road, is underway.  Please see Project Updates for current work areas.
    • Eleanor Avenue and Highland Parkway will be closed to thru traffic. 
    • Please be mindful of posted/detour signs.

    Tentative construction schedule (subject to change):  Updated 07-27-2023

    • Eleanor Avenue/Highland Parkway:  April - July
    • Edgcumbe Road:  July - September, northbound lanes and intersections constructed first, followed by southbound lanes
    • Alaska Avenue/Vista Avenue:  August - October
    • Montcalm Place:  Awaiting final asphalt surface
    • Montcalm Court:  Started July 27, approximately four weeks of work
    • Edgcumbe Place:  Starting the week of July 31, approximately six weeks of work

    Hamline Avenue Trail - Department of Parks and Recreation:

    The Department of Parks and Recreation will begin their Hamline Avenue Trail project during 2023.  For more information on Parks' endeavor, please contact Project Manager Katie Hamerlinck

    New Sidewalks: No Salt

    Please refrain from using salt to remove ice on new concrete installed this year.  Salt will harm newly installed concrete and increase freeze/thaw cycles which can do further damage.

    We appreciate your assistance in helping maintain the new sidewalks.

    Project Updates

    Project timelines and anticipated work are subject to weather and contractor schedules.

    Water Main Replacement

    As part of the road reconstruction project, Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) will be replacing water main in the project area. To continue to ensure the reliability of our system, SPRWS will be replacing the existing cast iron water main with ductile iron pipe. The scope of the main replacement work is as follows:

    • Replace approximately 1,700 feet of 6" cast iron water main with 6" ductile iron on Eleanor Avenue
    • Replace approximately 1,700 feet of 8” cast iron water main with 8” ductile iron on Highland Parkway
    • Replace approximately 2,100 feet of 8” cast iron water main with 8” ductile iron on Edgcumbe Road
    • Replace approximately 200 feet of 6” cast iron water main with 6” ductile iron on Bohland Place
    • Abandon approximately 200 feet of galvanized iron water main and install 2” HDPE to replace on Montcalm Place
    • Replace approximately 1,500 feet of 12” cast iron water main with 12” ductile iron on Alaska Avenue
    • Replace approximately 300 feet of 12” cast iron water main with 12” ductile iron on Vista Avenue
    • Replace necessary valves and hydrants in the project area

    SPRWS contacts