Aquatics: Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How do I register for swimming lessons?

A. Registration can be done online, over the phone, or in person. Visit our swimming lessons page for more information.

Q. What are your hours?

A. Hours vary by location. Please check the website for hours:

Q. Are there concessions available?

A. Yes. Concessions are offered at Como Regional Park Pool. Highland Park Aquatic Center, and Great River Water Park, and Phalen Beach.

Q. Can I bring a cooler, snacks, or beverages with me to the water parks?

A. No. Coolers and outside food or beverages are not allowed in our water parks. You may bring in water in a non-glass container. Picnic facilities and grassy areas are located nearby the water parks if you would like to leave a cooler or snacks in your car to access later in the day. Same-day reentry is free of charge, just request a wristband from an admissions attendant prior to leaving

Q. Can I bring a cooler, beverages or a picnic lunch to Phalen Beach?

A. Yes. There are picnic facilities located nearby. There is no glass allowed.

Q. Is it free to swim at Phalen Beach?

A. Yes. There is no charge to swim at Phalen Beach.

Q. What are the admission prices for the water parks?

A. Daily Admission Rates:

Ages 2 & under Free
Group (5+ people)$6
Tot Time/Morning Swim/Twilight (hours & availability vary by location)$5
Lap Swim & Water Aerobics$9

Q. Do you offer memberships?

Yes, aquatics memberships are available. 

Q. I'm not going swimming. Do I still have to pay to enter the water park?

A. Yes, everyone ages 3 and up is required to purchase a swim pass. 


Q. Do you have any toddler-only times?

A. Yes, please see the Como Regional Park Pool and Highland Park Aquatic Center website for times.

Q. What kinds of amenities can I expect to find?

A. All locations have different amenities. Please check the location's website for more details:

Q. Under what weather conditions do the outdoor water parks and Phalen Beach close?

A. Our number one priority is safety. If we see lightning or hear thunder, we will close the water parks and beach down and reopen 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning has been observed. We may also close if the temperature drops below 70 degrees and it is raining.

Q. Are flotation devices allowed in the pools?

A. Yes, floatation devices can be brought into the children's pools only, with a few considerations.

  1. They must be reasonably sized. Nothing too large is allowed. Size may be determined by how busy the pool is at the time.
  2. Parents must be present and attentive.
  3. Supervisors reserve the right to deny usage of floatation devices if they are deemed unsafe or inappropriate.


Q. Are life jackets allowed?

A. Yes. U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed at all water parks and Phalen Beach. Life jackets are also available free of charge at the aquatics office. Ask a staff person for assistance.

Q. What is your policy for people who are not toilet trained?

A. Persons who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers (waterproof diapers) or plastic pants. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the water parks.

Q. Is there a the height requirement for any of the rides or attractions?

A. You must be 48" or taller to ride the zip line or jump off the cliff at Como Regional Park Pool. You must be 48" or taller to ride the big water slides at Great River Water Park and Highland Park Aquatic Center.

Q. Can I wear street shoes on the pool deck?

A. No. Street shoes and high heeled shoes are not allowed on the pool deck.

Q. Are there lockers available?

A. Yes. Lockers are available at all facilities and locks can be rented for $1 per visit. Patrons must remove all contents of their locker at the end of each day. Personal locks left overnight will be removed. Please leave your valuables at home. Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q. Where can I park?

A. Free parking is available at all locations.

Q. What else should I know about Saint Paul's aquatic centers?

In an ongoing effort to provide a safe and enjoyable pool experience for our guests, Saint Paul Parks & Recreation utilizes training exercises to improve our lifeguards’ skills and vigilance. These exercises will occur during normal operating hours and may consist of the following: submergible water mannequin, the use of video surveillance equipment, internal and external audits, and active water rescues and or first aid scenarios.

Q. Where are your splash pads located?

A. Splash pads are available to use free of charge during the summer at Parque CastillioConway Park, Roy Wilkins Park, and Phalen Beach. Highland Park Aquatic Center, Como Regional Park Pool, and Great River Water Park also have splash pads available for use with paid water park admission. 

Last Edited: March 21, 2024