Pedro Park

Project Updates:

The following resolutions were considered during public hearings at the October 24, 2018 Housing and Redevelopment Authority and City Council Meetings.

18-327: Authorizing the vacation and disposal of the former Public Safety Annex to the Housing and Redevelopment Authority for subsequent redevelopment, and authorizing the Department of Parks and Recreation to enter into agreements for the implementation of Pedro Park. (Adopted 5-2)

18-281: Amending the financing and spending budgets in the Department of Parks and recreation in the amount of $1,516,810.79 for the Pedro Park project. (Adopted 5-2)

Parks and Recreation will hold additional Design Advisory Committee meetings to receive community feedback on the design, with park construction expected to begin in summer 2019.  Meeting details will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

Meeting Packet
Pedro Park Final Design Concept Plan


2018 Design Advisory Committee Information:

-The Ackerberg Group has received tentative developer status from the Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) for the Public Safety Annex building (PSA) at 100 E. 10th Street. The tentative developer status allows the Ackerberg Group to perform due diligence to study reuse of the PSA and determine whether a purchase is desired.  The tentative proposal from Ackerberg includes funds for Pedro Park as well as park operating expenses for 20 years. 

- The City of Saint Paul Departments of Parks and Recreation and Planning and Economic Development will hold monthly design advisory committee meetings to determine community needs and desires for Pedro Park.  The City is reaching out to adjacent neighbors, businesses, and property owners to invite a representative to participate in the park design process.  

-Through these meetings, the City will request input on major design elements, themes for the park project, and suggestions from the community and stakeholders.  Conceptual designs developed during this process will be provided to Ackerberg and the HRA.

-It is important that committee members attend the design advisory meetings as time-sensitive information will be shared and discussed at each meeting.

Thursday, May 3, 2018  -  81 on Seventh Building, 81 E 7th St, St Paul, MN 55101 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. 
Meeting will focus on committee roles and expectations, analysis of the site and input from the previous process, and programming options for the park considering location, size, and context.  Meeting outcomes will include a list of potential park amenities.

Thursday, May 24, 2018 – 81 on Seventh Building, 81 E 7th St, St Paul, MN 55101 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Meeting will focus on conceptual designs based on input received, preliminary costs, precedent images, and prioritization of amenities.

Thursday, June 21, 2018 – 81 on Seventh Building, 81 E 7th St, St Paul, MN 55101 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Meeting will include presentation of final concept plan based on input to-date. Opportunity to provide input and comments before plan goes to HRA for consideration.



CapitolRiver Council - Chris Trost
Commercial Real Estate Services - Pat Wolf / Bob Spratt
Donerly Inc. - Don Keefe / Bertin Dakouo
Lunds & Byerlys - Lynda Hay
Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) - John Kavanaugh
Renodis - Colleen Kranz / Jennifer Snyder
Rossmor Business Association - Bill Collins
The Ackerberg Group - Frank Clark / Parker Evans
The Penfield - Steven Vargas / Anna Olson
The Pointe - Jonathan Flory

2018 Design Advisory Committee Meeting Materials

Meeting #1

Online Pedro Park Design Survey (available May 4-11): 
Survey Results
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes
Housing Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Process
Presentation Boards
Flip Chart Notes

Meeting #2
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes
Presentation Slides
Design Exercise Concepts
Flip Chart Notes

Meeting #3
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes
Presentation Slides
HRA Process
HRA Next Steps
Concept Discussion Feedback
Flip Chart Notes

Concept A: Open Space
Concept B: Expanded Streetscape


Project Background:
A park in this area is called for in the Fitzgerald Park Precinct Plan, adopted by the Saint Paul City Council as part of the Comprehensive Plan in 2006. The Pedro family donated the property in the northeast corner of the park site for park use.  Demolition of the Pedro building occurred in 2011.  

From 2011-2012, City staff led a 15 member design advisory committee and developed a conceptual Master Plan for Pedro Park for the phased development of a new downtown park. Currently, the Department of Parks and Recreation is seeking funding options to construct the park.

In 2014, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation together with Public Art Saint Paul, designed a Temporary Art Installation called “Urban Flower Field” to occupy the parcel located at the corner of Robert and 10th Streets.

Funding requests include CIB (Capital Improvement Budget) proposals for 2014-15 and 2016-17 cycles. In each proposal, Parks requested funding to build out phase I of the park (1/4 of the block) and to acquire land on a portion of the block.  The funding requests were unsuccessful.  Parks will pursue CIB funding for the next cycle of 2018-19. Until funding is secured, the park project is on hold.

Funds were secured by the Saint Paul Police Department in the 2016-17 Capital Improvement Budget to move the staff and facilities currently located in the Public Safety Annex on the site.  However, improvements have to be made to the alternative location before the move can be made and the Annex vacated.  At this point, that move is slated for early- to mid-2017.

A much needed permanent outdoor park and gathering space will be created at the site for this new neighborhood.  Development of this space into urban green space will add value to all adjacent development and help create a sense of community in an area of downtown that has no near by outdoor gathering area. It will help spur other area development and become an important anchor to the well being of this new downtown community.

Pedro Park Temporary Art Installation Description
Saint Paul Parks and Recreation together with Public Art Saint Paul, designed a Temporary Art Installation called “Urban Flower Field”, within the vacant Pedro Park parcel located at the corner of Robert and 10th Streets.
The Temporary Art Installation Concept (Full Size) showcases the work of the City on a transitional park space and the scientific process of soil remediation. “Urban Flower Field” is a cross pollination between art, the civic process, community, and science.  Please reference the Public Art Saint Paul website for upcoming events and more information on the "Urban Flower Field" project.

Eric Anderson, Resident
Kay Baker, St. Josephs Hospital
Bob Clough, Central Towers
Kisha Dixon, Union Gospel Mission- Daycare
Vince Gillespie, Resident
Julie Griffin, Lunds and Byerly’s
Tim Griffin, Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation
Carol Hunn-Gregory, Keys Café
Hayley Johnson, McNally Smith
Karl Karlson, City Walk
Bud Kleppe, The Pointe
Chris Osgood, McNally Smith
Carl Pedro, Pedro Family
Ken Peterson, Union Gospel Mission
Marilyn Pitera, Pedro Family
Denise Scarlett, Union Gospel Mission
Julia Schrenkler, MPR
Andrew Schlack, Greater MN Housing Fund
Bob Spaulding, City Walk
Kate Swenson, Rossmor
Pat Wolf, Commercial Real Estate Services
Marcus Young, Public Art St. Paul

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