Highland Park Community Center

Highland Park Community CenterThe Highland Park Community Center is the new name for the partnership between the former Hillcrest Recreation Center and Highland Park Library, which have been recently renovated and expanded to include an additional 5,000 square feet of public space, a dedicated teen zone, new meeting and study rooms, increased natural daylighting, expanded children’s area, public art by Amanda Lovelee and III-AD, express holds pickup on the first floor, more internet stations, additional parking, and an enhanced welcome area.

Highland Park Community Center offers educational programs, after school activities, open gymtot-times, family events, fitness center memberships, youth and adult athleticsS'more Fun childcare, field rentals, rental space for parties, meetings, and events, and so much more.

Current Activities

Click the activity numbers to register for Highland Park Community Center activities online, or call (651) 695-3706. For all citywide programing, view the seasonal Parks & Recreation Activity Brochure.


Activity# Activity Name Ages Day Time Start Date End Date Cost
14156 American Red Cross Babysitting Training  11yr - 17yr T 10am - 4pm 25-Jul-17 25-Jul-17 $60
19440 American Red Cross Babysitting Training  11yr - 17yr W 10am - 4pm 12-Jul-17 12-Jul-17 $60
19461 Art: Don't Bug Me  3yr - 6yr T 9:30am - 11:30am 1-Aug-17 1-Aug-17 $24
19464 Art: Got Goo  4yr - 9yr W 1:30pm - 3:30pm 16-Aug-17 16-Aug-17 $24
19467 Art: Masters in Clay  5yr - 12yr T, W 1:30pm - 3:30pm 22-Aug-17 23-Aug-17 $49
19469 Art: Masters on Canvas  5yr - 12yr T, W 9:30am - 11:30am 18-Jul-17 19-Jul-17 $49
19473 Art: Super Duper Messy Art  3yr - 6yr T, W 9:30am - 11:30am 13-Jun-17 14-Jun-17 $49
12399 Basketball Camp  6yr - 12yr M, T, W, TH, F 1pm - 4pm 17-Jul-17 21-Jul-17 $109
3526 Cooking and Swimming 9yr - 15yr M, T, W, TH, F 8am - 5pm 10-Jul-17 14-Jul-17 $150
3534 Cooking and Swimming 9yr - 15yr M, T, W, TH, F 8am - 5pm 17-Jul-17 21-Jul-17 $150
9187 Flag Football Camp 6yr - 12yr M, T, W, TH, F 9am - 12pm 7-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 $109
19479 Flight Dynamics with Drones  7yr - 15yr M, T, W, TH 9:30am -12pm 26-Jun-17 29-Jun-17 $120
19475 Level Up Robotics  7yr - 12yr M, T, W, TH 12:30pm - 3pm 24-Jul-17 27-Jul-17 $120
3998 Martial Arts: Soo Bahk Do Karate - Adult 13y - Adult M, W 7pm - 8:30pm 24-May-17 23-Aug-17 $50
14214 Martial Arts: Soo Bahk Do Karate - Child 6yr - 12yr W 6pm - 7pm 31-May-17 30-Aug-17 $30
15074 Mini-Hawk Camp (Soccer, T-ball, Basketball) 4yr - 7yr M, T, W, TH, F 9pm - 4pm 31-Jul-17 4-Aug-17 $109
9122 Mulit-Sport Camp (Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball) 6yr - 12yr M, T, W, TH, F 1pm - 4pm 14-Aug-17 18-Aug-17 $109
17989 Music Together 1mo - 5yr W 9:30am - 10:15am 5-Jul-17 16-Aug-17 $130
17990 Music Together 1mo - 5yr TH 10am - 10:45am 6-Jul-17 17-Aug-17 $130
17991 Music Together 1mo - 5yr SA 10:15am - 11am 8-Jul-17 19-Aug-17 $130
19508 Origami Cranes 12yr - Adult  T 6pm - 7:30pm 18-Jul-17 18-Jul-17 $30
19507 Origami Jewelry 12yr - Adult T 6pm - 7:30pm 20-Jun-17 20-Jun-17 $30
10521 Soccer Camp  3yr - 4yr M, T, W, TH, F 9:15am - 10am 19-Jun-17 23-Jun-17 $55
10522 Soccer Camp  3yr - 4yr M, T, W, TH, F 10:15am - 11am 19-Jun-17 23-Jun-17 $55
4008 Summer Musical - Seussical 10yr - 20yr M, T, W, TH 5:30pm - 8:30pm 30-May-17 26-Jul-17 $80
19483 Summer Musical Extra - Little Women 16yr - 20yr M, T, W, TH, F 10am - 4pm 12-Jun-17 4-Aug-17 $80
19489 Swimming Field Trip  12yr - 15yr T 12:30pm - 3:30pm 27-Jun-17 27-Jun-17 Free
19491 Swimming Field Trip  12yr - 15yr T 12:30pm - 3:30pm 15-Aug-17 15-Aug-17 Free
9123 Tennis Camp: Quickstart 5yr - 7yr M, T, W, TH, F 10:30am - 12pm 14-Aug-17 18-Aug-17 $69
19482 Theater: Audition Workshop 9yr - 20yr SA 12pm - 3pm 8-Jul-17 8-Jul-17 $20
19495 Theater: Augusto Boal - Theatre Of The Oppressed 9yr - 20yr SA 12pm - 3pm 3-Jun-17 3-Jun-17 $20
19496 Theater: Scene Work - Part One 9yr - 20yr SA 12pm - 3pm 10-Jun-17 10-Jun-17 $20
19497 Theater: Scene Work - Reimagined 9yr - 20yr SA 12pm - 3pm 17-Jun-17 17-Jun-17 $20
19498 Theater: Songwriting and Composition Workshop 9yr - 20yr SA 12pm - 3pm 24-Jun-17 24-Jun-17 $20
19499 Theater: Write Your Own - Performance Based 9yr - 20yr SA 12pm - 3pm 15-Jul-17 15-Jul-17 $20
3687 Yoga 18yr - Adult M 5pm - 6pm 19-Jun-17 28-Aug-17 $63
3690 Yoga 18yr - Adult M 6:15pm - 7:15pm 19-Jun-17 28-Aug-17 $63
3691 Yoga 18yr - Adult M 7:30pm - 8:30pm 19-Jun-17 28-Aug-17 $63

Parks & Recreation Activity Brochure (PDF)

Sports Registration


Indoor Amenities:
Computer Workstations
Craft Room
Fitness Center
Indoor Walking Track
(5) Meeting Rooms
Story Time Room
(5) Study Rooms
Teen Center
Warming Room

Outdoor Amenities:
Baseball Field
Reading Garden
Sledding Hill
(2) Soccer Fields (Seasonal)
(2) Softball Fields
Tennis Court

Rentals & Reservations

  • For field reservations or to reserve space at this facility, call (651) 695-3706.
  • For terms and conditions, rental rates, and applications, see Recreation Center Rentals.

S'more Fun & Recreation for Preschoolers

Learn more about Highland Park Community Center's Recreation for Preschoolers and S'more Fun childcare programs. 

Free Summer Meals

Free summer meals are provided Monday through Friday to youth 18 years of age and under and persons over 19 who participate in a public or nonprofit private school program for persons with disabilities. Visit the Free Summer Meals webpage for more information.

Play Area Improvements

The play area at Highland Park Community Center is over 20 years old and in need of replacing. This project will replace the existing play equipment that is inaccessible to those with disabilities and does not meet current CPSC playground safety standards.  Other site improvements such as new site furnishings and landscaping will be considered pending available funding.

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If you have any questions, programming ideas, or suggestions please contact Amanda Smith at Amanda.Smith@ci.stpaul.mn.us.