Fitness Center Memberships

Looking for an affordable fitness center membership? Just $30/year gives adults who live or work in Saint Paul access to all of our twelve recreation center fitness rooms.


  • $30/year or $3/day
  • $1/day for walking track only
  • $60/year for non-residents

Purchase a Membership

Fitness Center & Walking Track Memberships can be purchased in person at any of the centers listed. At the time of registration, residents must verify their home address and non-city residents must verify their Saint Paul employment address to receive the $30/year rate.


Fitness Center & Walking Track Map


Phone #

Fitness Room

Indoor Track


Arlington Hills 651-632-3861
Battle Creek 651-501-6347  
Dayton’s Bluff 651-793-3885    
Edgcumbe 651-695-3711  
Highland Park 651-695-3706
Oxford/ Jimmy Lee 651-642-0650
Linwood 651-298-5660  
Martin Luther King 651-290-8695  
North Dale 651-558-2329  
Palace 651-298-5677    
Wellstone/El Rio Vista 651-789-2500
West Minnehaha 651-298-5823    

Additionally, to encourage residents to get fit, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation offers a other recreational opportunities such as biking and hiking trails, off-leash dog parks, athletic leagues, group fitness classes, run/walk events, aquatic centers, Fitness in the Parks, and parks, preserves, and other open spaces.