Fitness Center Memberships

Looking for an affordable fitness center membership? Just $30/year gives adults who live or work in Saint Paul access to all of our twelve recreation center fitness rooms.

2018 Fitness Center Open Houses

Come check out our fitness rooms!

  • January 11 from 6 - 8 p.m. - Edgcumbe Rec Center
  • January 13 from 9 - 11 a.m. - MLK Rec Center
  • January 27 from 9 - 11 a.m. - Battle Creek Rec Center


  • $30/year or $3/day
  • $1/day for walking track only
  • $60/year for non-residents

Purchase a Membership

Fitness Center & Walking Track Memberships can be purchased in person at any of the centers listed. At the time of registration, residents must verify their home address and non-city residents must verify their Saint Paul employment address to receive the $30/year rate.


Fitness Center & Walking Track Map


Phone #

Fitness Room

Indoor Track


Arlington Hills 651-632-3861
Battle Creek 651-501-6347  
Dayton’s Bluff 651-793-3885    
Edgcumbe 651-695-3711  
Highland Park 651-695-3706
Oxford/ Jimmy Lee 651-642-0650
Linwood 651-298-5660  
Martin Luther King 651-290-8695  
North Dale 651-558-2329  
Palace 651-298-5677    
Wellstone/El Rio Vista 651-789-2500
West Minnehaha 651-298-5823    

Additionally, to encourage residents to get fit, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation offers a other recreational opportunities such as biking and hiking trails, off-leash dog parks, athletic leagues, group fitness classes, run/walk events, aquatic centers, Fitness in the Parks, and parks, preserves, and other open spaces.