A portion of the south corridor of the Capital City Bikeway along Kellogg Boulevard from St. Peter Street to Jackson Street will be constructed between July 2023 and summer 2024. The project will include:

  • New separated bikeway on the north side of Kellogg Boulevard
  • New sidewalks on the north side of Kellogg Boulevard
  • Signage, lighting and signal improvements
  • New pavement, curbs, and gutters
  • Sewer and water improvements

Kellogg Boulevard from St. Peter Street to Jackson Street

July 2023 to summer 2024


    Lane Restrictions on Kellogg Boulevard & St Peter Street for Sewer Work start Monday, February 26

    A contractor (PCiRoads) is working for Public Works Sewer Utility to complete sewer repair work in downtown Saint Paul on Kellogg Boulevard and St Peter Street.

    The work on Kellogg Boulevard and St Peter Street is scheduled to start Monday, February 26 and last approximately 2 weeks until Friday, March 8.

    Traffic impacts:

    • Kellogg Boulevard will be restricted to one lane in each direction from Market Street and Wabasha Street.
    • St Peter Street will be reduced to one lane between 5th Street and Kellogg Boulevard. Due to private construction, St Peter Street is restricted to one-lane between 5th Street and 4th Street.
    • Eastbound 4th Street will be closed between St Peter Street and Wabasha Street.
    • Access to properties and parking ramps will be maintained.
    • Please follow all posted signs.

    Pedestrian impacts:

    • Sidewalk will be closed on the south side of 4th Street between the Ramsey County Courthouse/Saint Paul City Hall entrance and St Peter Street. Access to the Ramsey County Courthouse/Saint Paul City Hall will be maintained.
    • Sidewalk will be closed on the east side of St Peter Street between Kellogg Boulevard and 4th Street.
    • Please follow all posted signs.
    Traffic control for sewer work on Kellogg Boulevard. Kellogg reduced to 1 lane in each direction.

    Winter Construction: Update 1/12/2024

    Kellogg Boulevard is open to traffic. Traffic signal installation, lighting work, and sign installation will continue during the winter. Expect minor lane closures to accommodate this work.

    Signal Work Starting January 16

    Beginning January 16, the contractor will begin the installation of the permanent signal systems at Robert Street and Cedar Street and lighting installation on Kellogg Boulevard from Jackson Street to Wabasha Street. During this work, you can expect moving single lane closures along Kellogg Boulevard between Wabasha Street and Jackson Street. Please note that the signal poles will be painted Fall 2024.

    Current closures and detours
    • No access from southbound Cedar Street to eastbound Kellogg Boulevard.
    • Vehicles should use 5th Street to Robert Street to access eastbound Kellogg Boulevard.
    • Detour is anticipated to be lifted late-January after traffic signals are operational.
    Map of downtown Saint Paul showing closure of left (eastbound) turns from Cedar Street onto Kellogg Boulevard

    Project Updates

    If you have specific concerns or construction questions, contact the Construction Project Representative, Shawn Hennen at 612-750-6288 or

    New Sidewalks: No Salt

    Please refrain from using salt to remove ice on new concrete installed this year. Salt will harm newly installed concrete and increase freeze/thaw cycles, which can do further damage.

    We appreciate your assistance in helping maintain the new sidewalks.